Applications.txt – A Real Affiliate When Implementing Your Site

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These days I’ll describe to you How to Create use of those publish programs.txt.

But first, we must get why, actually, we need the publish programs.txt.

The programs.txt publish would be to specify the look for of search engines And this details and details you don’t like to be defined. It should be found at the significant collection of a web page.

Very little html-sites, And this contain 10-30 internet websites don’t need a programs.txt publish, as all details of this web page should be defined.

In the scenario of big energetic internet websites There’s surprisingly a selection of unique internet websites, it is not suitable for publication, and to have up currently the web page needs a relaxed inner framework of those web page too as the effective use of those publish programs.txt.

As you can see everything is simple and clear. Use it on you internet websites, thus it can support to search engines seo to successfully research your web page.

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The programs.txt publish consistently looks like this:

User-agent: *

Disallow: / delo.php

Disallow: / d123 /

Disallow: / take a vacation / dat /

Line User-agent: chooses a certain computerized automated automatic robot or * – all programs. at the Stop differ the path in to the post or publish successfully suspended for selection (the path is finish, analyzed in one the significant site). To allow the computerized automated automatic robot to advantage some information of those web page or the whole web page, Create use of those details Allow. Clear alternatives in between the User-agent design and Stop, Allow should not be.

If you seem to be using those web page map described with other the framework sitemaps.xml, and you want the computerized automated automatic robot to understand about it, specify the path to sitemaps.xml, as a parameter in to details Sitemap (if several details, choose all)

If your web page has a counsel, a unique computerized automated automatic robot counsel chooses them and types a wide range of functions of your web page. The look for would include only the significant counsel. To do that you have to specify the programs.txt, Create use of those details Supervisor, deciphering it as a parameter of those name of those counsel. Information Supervisor, as seo snacks Help, doesn’t ensure that that a specified differ of those significant counsel, however, the specifications opinions when selecting its greater purpose.

You can too specify time the computerized automated automatic robot goes to the web page of your web page, you can certainly take advantages of this details Crawl-delay. It allows you to specify a look for computerized automated automatic robot least amount time (in seconds) between the end of taken of 1 web page too as the beginning out of those next taken. it’s important generating certain program with other the programs, Crawl-delay details should be extra in to the team, beginning with other the accessibility “User-Agent”, right after details Stop (Allow).

The seo can handle fraxel ideas Crawl-Delay, for example, 0.5. This doesn’t ensure that the crawler will go to your web page each and every 50 % second, but provides the computerized automated automatic robot more mobility and allows you to amount up the avoid web page.


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