Review of Rise Against’s album The Sufferer and The Witness

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So! Here we go again with another Rise Against album review. This time it’s The Sufferer & The Witness, which happens to be my favourite Rise Against album.

I’ll say a few words about each song, but nothing too much

Chamber the Cartridge
Great starter for the album, and gives a good idea of what to expect from the rest of the album

Excellent chorus, some really good lyrics throughout, and a section of screamed vocals

Ready to Fall
A bit slow compared to other songs (the chorus is played in half time), but still good

Much faster in this song, but also much shorter – perhaps too short even

Under the Knife
Brilliant melody, but there is an annoying breakdown section that messes up the flow of the song

Prayer of the Refugee
One of the best songs of the album, with a fast heavy chorus and great lyrics

I don’t like this song as much as the others, but it’s still got a great sound to it

The Approaching Curve
Best lyrics of the album here, but the verses are spoken and a lot of people don’t like that

Worth Dying For
Back to the heavy stuff here, and although the chorus is in half time, it works well

Behind Closed Doors
One of my favourites of the album, as it has a brilliant guitar riff, and an excellent melody

Good acoustic song with female backing vocals and violin part, but doesn’t fit the rest of the album

The Good Left Undone
Another song with a half time chorus, which is starting to feel a bit overused by this point

Fast and heavy, to end the album, with a breakdown section that works really well

The Sufferer & The Witness is my favourite Rise Against album (perhaps my favourite album ever) simply because there isn’t a single song that I don’t like. There are songs that I like less than others, but I still like them all. My only problem with the album is the song Roadside – it’s placed so awkwardly in the middle of the faster heavier songs that it feels really out of place. Other than that, this is a brilliant album.


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