Review of Rise Against’s album Siren Song of the Counter Culture

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If you’ve read my other reviews, you might know that Rise Against are my ultimate favourite band. Ever.
Siren Song of the Counter Culture was their third album to be released, and has some of their best songs on it.

I’ll just pick out a few songs to write about, instead of a full song-by-song review.

State of the Union
Not one of my favourites in general, but it serves as a brilliant starter for the album. It succeeds in getting your heart going and perhaps moshing around your bedroom.

Life Less Frightening
One of my favourite Rise Against songs (of which there are many). Brilliant guitar riff, some surprisingly good backing vocals, and an excellent vocal melody.

Paper Wings
Ditto from Life Less Frightening, with some really good drumming as well

Tip the Scales
A really good, loud, fast, heavy song.

Dancing For Rain
Nice acoustic intro. Things build up slowly to the first chorus, which sounds great. Perhaps a bit too slow for my liking, though.

Swing Life Away
Rise Against’s acoustic song. Not for people who only like the punk of the rest of the album, but it’s a great song if you’re open minded about genres. 

Siren Song of the Counter Culture is a great album overall, with some really great songs to get everyone jumping. I also like how it ends with Rumours of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, as the chorus is quite upbeat, and makes me feel happy.
Even though most albums tend to have a couple of songs that let it down a bit, SSOTCC is full of good songs. Some of better than other, but none are outright bad. I honestly don’t have much that I can say against this album. I love it.


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