Review of Winamp

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I’ve been using Winamp for a long time. I have occasionally checked out other media players, just to see what they were like, but none of them have lived up to Winamp, and so I’ve kept Winamp for about 5/6 years now.

The design is great, and the skins that you can download are also really good, although I personally prefer to stick to the basic skin.

It doesn’t affect the use of your computer very much, if at all. I generally do several things at once on my computer, but music is a constant for me, and I’ve never had problems keeping the music going.

ShoutCast is also an amazing feature, especially if you’re having one of those days when you just seem to hate all your own music. You pick a genre and it’ll play it, coming out with some of your favourites but also some stuff you probably don’t know.

My only problem with Winamp is that it occasionally freezes up and crashes. Now this won’t be a problem for most people, but I tend to keep playlists in the Media Library and I don’t often save them. So when it crashes, any changes I’ve made to the playlists are lost. But anyway, it’s the exception rather than the rule, and it only ever happens if I start doing too much too quickly (like loading my playlist that has 6000 songs in it, and trying to load up a CD at the same time)

But that one problem doesn’t matter enough to me, so I’m giving Winamp the full 5 stars.

Oh! And it’s free too! So no annoying costs, unless you really want the pro version. I’ve never needed to pro version, I’m doing just fine with the basic version


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