Toyota Verso – The Real Mpv

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The Toyota Verso is a multi purpose vehicle, designed and styled with European market in mind. This really is not the longest MPV in the range. It has high waistline and raked bonnet and windscreen. It has more than enough wheelbases, but for many the interior space is lacking especially in the third row. The car is wonderful to drive and exterior is definitely styled to European tastes. The awesome vehicle was launched at the Geneva Motor Show. The assembly of the particular vehicle is done at Sakarya in Turkey. The predecessor of the Toyota Verso is the Toyota Corolla Verso. The vehicle is available in a single body style of a five-door hatchback. The vehicle is endowed with both the petrol as well as the diesel engines ranging from 1.6L 132hp to 2.2L 177hp” respectively. The car is available in a single transmission of a six speed manual CVT and is highly related to Toyota Corolla.

Interiors of the car are good for front and middle row. The middle row seats are very comfortable and have a decent flexibility. The front also has very good leg space and comfortable. The third row however is cramped. It does not seem to have enough leg space or head room. It is very un-comfortable for a six feet person. The triangular shaped windows do not give enough ambient light. The Verso does feel compressed in this region. The seat and steering adjustment is good and easily suits longer journeys as well. The dashboard is made from good quality material. The Toyota Versa is a spacious MPV that has a seating capacity of seven persons.

In addition, the driving environment is a very pleasant place to spent time. There is a good range of seat and steering wheel adjustment and on longer journeys; the Toyota is good for tall drivers thanks to its car-like driving position. The centre console features stylish green backlit details, and material quality impresses. Everything is solidly put together and elements such as the switchgear have a solid feel. Not all this comes cheap, however, even in 2007-on facelift form. However, the Toyota compensates with strong residuals and good fuel economy.

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