Review of Burnout: Dominator game

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This is the first Burnout game that I ever really played, and I only got it because there was a BOGOF offer at GAME and I wanted to buy Wipeout Pulse. But I was pleasantly surprised to find myself hooked on the game once I started playing it.

The gameplay is fast and exciting, with various modes to keep you busy. I’ve got no complaint with the graphics, they do the job quite well. The general physics of the game seem to be pretty good – there’s no excessive air for no reason or anything like that. I personally really like the music that was chosen for the game, but I also know some people who hate it, so it depends on your music taste.
(EDIT: The music in the game is predominantly rock/metal music, with some indie thrown in here and there, along with 4 versions of Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend, including versions in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish)

The game has just the right level of difficulty. You’ll occasionally find yourself replaying a level over and over to try and get anywhere, but most of the time you’ll get a bronze/silver medal easily and the challenge is to get the gold.

Now so far, everything I’ve said has been pretty positive. But I can’t give this game the full 5 stars. It’s brought down too much by loading times. EVERYTHING takes so long to load. It takes ages to load the races, and then it has to load the menu back when you’ve finished! And you would think that if you restart the race half way through, you wouldn’t have to wait for it to load again, right? Wrong. It takes less than usual, but it shouldn’t even be necesary at all!

But that’s my only problem with the game, so if you’re a patient person, you’ll love the game! If you’re impatient, you’ll probably have my view of the game – it’s brilliant, but slightly irritating at the same time.


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