Review of Rise Against’s album Revolutions per Minute

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Rise Against – Revolutions Per Minute was the first album I ever bought. I was on holiday in Ohio, USA (I live in the UK) and saw it in a music store. I bought it, and put it in the first CD player I could find. Sadly, on the 10-hour flight home, the jewel case cracked, but that doesn’t make a difference.

I’ll say a couple of sentences about each song, but nothing too huge.

Black Masks and Gasoline
One of my favourites from the album, and a brilliant starter to the album. Really gets you pumped up for the rest of the album. Catchy chorus, too.

Heaven Knows
A good song to follow Black Masks and Gasoline. Slightly slower and not as loud, but it’s enough to be a great song. One of the better songs of the album, in my opinion.

Dead Ringer
Short, loud, fast, screaming vocals with a shouted chorus. Good lyrics. All until the last section, which I think is just irritating and unnecessary.

Halfway There
One of the average songs. Not bad, but not great either.

Like the Angel
My overall favourite from this album. Infinitely catchy chorus, good lyrics, brilliant drumming a great chord progression on guitars, followed by the bass, and an excellent guitar solo. They all combine together to make this the best song on the album, and one of my favourite Rise Against songs of all time.

Voices Off Camera:
Fast and loud. Some of the best lyrics of the album, in my opinion.

Blood Red, White and Blue
Looking at the vocals, guitars, bass, drums individually, there’s nothing I can see that’s bad or too boring. But as a whole, I just don’t like this song. I think it has something to do with the last section, where it goes “Would God bless……..”.

Broken English
Perhaps the catchiest song of the album. Great riff. Brilliant breakdown, with amazing raspy vocals.

Last Chance Blueprint
A strange intro, with dialogue from a film (I don’t know which one) about someone being a freak, then some more dialogue comes in later. Faster than other songs, but not very catchy.

To The Core
Fast, loud, heavy, screamed. Shouted backing vocals. Slower, quieter section, then back to the loud, fast.

Another of my all-time favourite Rise Against songs. A good alternation between singing and screaming, with some surprisingly well-placed, good backing vocals. I really love the lyrics to the section before the last chorus. It’s quiet and calm, then the chorus coming back in is even more effective.

Amber Changing
Rather average. Quite typical lyrics, as the topic is very common.

Anyway You Want It
A cover of the Journey song. When I first heard it, I burst out laughing. I just wasn’t expecting it (it’s not on the track listing of the CD). Surprisingly good, actually.

Revolutions Per Minute as a whole is an album that makes me feel good, even though it might be heavy, loud stuff. Especially with the Journey cover at the end to get me smiling. It has some of the best ever Rise Against songs, but also some songs that are annoyingly average. I don’t think any song is particularly bad, but I can kind of see which songs were just filler to bring up the album length to the (still quite short) 37 minutes that it is. But that’s just what I think – go buy it and see for yourself!


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