MySearchFunds/Homepages Friends – Scam? Not sure…

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I joined MySearchFunds back in February 2008, before it became Homepages Friends some time later. I admit, I was skeptical at first about being paid just for searching, but I didn’t really have a problem with using a different search engine if it gave me a chance of being paid. So I decided to try it out, unsure of whether I would actually be paid.

Searching with Homepages Friends isn’t really that different to searching normally, except that it probably doesn’t use the search engine that you’re used to. Also, each search doesn’t have a set amount that you would earn, as you get 50% of the revenue (apparently). So searching for obscure music bands, like I tend to do, doesn’t really get you a lot.

Well, I reached the minimum payout of £20 by the end of May, and so I expected to be paid in July to my paypal account.

So I waited. And waited.

July came. And went.

I sent an email asking about my payment, and they replied that they would sent my account through the to click-fraud department to get checked out.

A while later, I asked what the result of that was and they said that my account had been re-activated (RE-activated? Was I ever informed that it had been DE-activated?!)

I thanked them for this, but reminded them that I still had not been paid. They replied that they would prod the finance department about my payment, and that the reason for the delay was that there was a large backlog of payments to get through (alright, that seems like a valid excuse – except that by this point, people who had reached the minimum payout AFTER me were getting paid before me)

By this time, I had given up all hope of ever being paid, but I refused to stop emailing them until they came out and stated that they were not going to pay me. If I don’t get my money, they’ll at least have to listen to me rant.

A little while later, I got an email from my paypal account saying that I had received £22.74 (all the money I had ever earned) from Homepages Friends. This came as a pleasant surprise, as I had looked around and found several other people in the same situation as I was.

So yes, Homepages Friends DO pay. But no, I would not recommend them. It shouldn’t take quite as much effort as it did to get the money that I had earned.

If you’re willing to take the chance, and make the effort, then go ahead. Otherwise, there are too many accounts of people not being paid for me to recommend it to you.


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