Failure : A New Beginning ?

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                               I believe no one likes to fail,personally i’m even afraid to. However most of us would have tasted the bitterness of failure. Some say that behind every great sucess there is a failure,well i’m not sure about that but let me share one of my personnal experience.

I used to dream of becoming a doctor one day but my parents compelled me to take the engineering course. Well,becoming a doctor in our society is not that easy. You either need a high merit or lots of money. To be frank,i lacked both of them. So i made up my mind to become an engineer. I knew this course is not going to be easy as i’m not in such good terms with mathematics. There was no turning back as i made my choice and so decided to face it.

The incident happened when one of my semester results were published. Oh God i failed miserably in most subjects. I failed in a way that there was no hope left at all. I had darkness surrounding me so that i couldn’t even find my shadow,i had days when i woke up in my tears. Then i thought,well i need to make a choice. I could either keep on crying for the rest of my life or i can start fighting this war. Believe me friends it was a war for me,a war between me and the university. I was really determined that i believed i had nothing more to lose and guess what i never failed in the remainig semesters. I did some hard work but it was not the only thing,i had some luck,some good friends to help and above all the mercy of God the almighty was with me during my quest.

Being a student exams were the field where i failed. May be for you it might be your business,your love or whatever field you are associated with that brings you failure. Believe me my friend a failure is not the end when you are still breathing or unless you choose it to be.

I like to narrate a small story which i read once. It’s about a king and his minister. One day both of them were walking through their country to understand the problems of their people. Suddenly the king got his finger cut from a nearby bush and he was bleeding. Seeing this the minister said “everything happens for a good reason”. The king got angry and threw the minister into a nearby pit saying let me see what good can this bring you. The king continued his journey alone but he lost his way in the middle of the jungle. Unfortunately the king was caught by the tribes  living in that jungle and soon he realized that they were going to sacrifice him for their Gods.When the sacrificial ceremony was about to begin,one of the tribe members noticed the cut on the king’s finger.They believed it was a bad omen and so they let him free. The king returned and when he reached the pit he helped the minister out. Both of them returned to the palace and on the way back the king thought,pushing the minister into the pit was good afterall because if the minister too was with me in the jungle they would have surely sacrificed him as he didn’t have a cut. The moral of the above story is to always think positively,well i won’t say it’s as easy as we speak.

Thinking positively during a failure will surely help to overcome that crisis. When i faced my failure what inspired me the most was the Phoenix,the way it was reborn from it’s ashes. The lines that inspired me were ‘you might have won the battle but not the war’. Incase you believe in God,then ‘the lord will guard you he is by your side to protect you’ (Psalms) and ‘he stengthens those who are weak and tired’ (Isaiah). So my dear friends if you are still breathing there is always a chance to fight back,always a chance to survive,always a chance to win the war.

I hope this article might inspire some,especially teens like me who have a tendency of giving up quickly without even trying to fight back. 


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