What Works For Others May Not Work For You!

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I’ve aspired to be an entrepreneur since not so long after I realized what the word means. Over the past couple of years I’ve made several attempts at being one. I failed and failed miserably at each one of them! But it was an enriching experience nonetheless.
A failed attempt sometimes teaches you something that a lucky successful attempt wouldn’t have. Maybe I still do not know what I should do to be successful, but I know for sure what I or anyone else (yes, you included) shouldn’t.
Considering the lack of capital, contacts and resources to start anything else, most of my endeavours were Internet based. I had a particular simple yet scalable plan regarding affiliate marketing which went something like this:
• Make Search Engine Optimised websites/blogs to sell a couple of clickbank products (a separate blog for each product with its review)

• Use the money made from these to pay freelancers to write reviews for a couple of other products, design websites for these etc (In short, get more websites made to market more products and earn more revenue)

• Go on reinvesting the money to make more and more no. of websites and sell more and more clickbank products.

This way, my earnings would go on increasing without me having to do any real work! My job will only be reduced to keeping tabs on these websites and collecting the the incoming cash!! Sound great, doesn’t it?
It didn’t really turn out this way. I had start-up issues. What kind? Well, I couldn’t write a single review! I could not find any product on clickbank which I thought I would ever want to buy! Who would believe that The Lotto Black Book could help you win a lottery!? Maybe some people do and they even buy it. But I, for one, surely wasn’t convinced and found it impossible to write with conviction something I myself didn’t believe in.

So it was the end of the affiliate marketing story for me right there! This, in spite of the fact that there are hundreds who’ve made a fortune with affiliate marketing. And maybe you can too! But an important lesson to take away from all of this is that just because something worked for somebody doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.
So Googling How to get rich? and reading others’ success stories can only help as much as opening your mind to the various possibilities. Whether it’ll work for you or not depends on your strengths, timing and interests. Otherwise wouldn’t all of us be Mark Zuckerbergs and Sam Waltons ?


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