Make Money Online With Low-Cost Video Streaming And Blogging Solutions

Low-cost Streaming Video Solutions

At the beginning of this year, one of my friends told me she wanted to create video sharing platform to make money with her spare time. She asked for suggestions from me on what types of the platform should be and the profit models. I know she graduated from a famous university and has an IT degree. So, I suggested her choose the familiar subjects on IT, tech, PC or related subjects. Familiar subjects are the basics for making money.

Aiming at low-cost streaming video solutions, she decided to create a streaming video blog with WordPress at first. As we all know, it’s worth spending a few extra dollars to own your content and have a real blog address like — especially if you want to make money.

However, video blogging based on WP is just one type of low-cost video streaming solutions. There are more low-cost streaming video solutions. Some video streaming and sharing solutions can be embedded into web pages with ASP/ scripts or Joomla content management system.

Traffic and Content

To create a video sharing platform is easy, while another problem came on its heels–How to attract visitors or bring much traffic? A great deal of traffic is the premise for making money to this video sharing platform. Does the low-cost streaming video solutions can really bring the new visitors?

The answer is YES. My friend wrote some IT news, tech topics, uploaded one video per day and received about 20 visitors per day after two months. It was a frustrated result because she had prepared a lot for this streaming video blog. “Content is king” is what she always kept in mind with. She began to place more videos on this video sharing platform named “view tech world with another eyes”. These videos are about tech or IT opinions, or some cartoon guides. She chose some keywords for each video and frequently uploaded some informative videos, and finally, the traffic started to increase, about 200 visitors a day this July. This is one big step and this August she earned her first money—15 dollars for making and displaying video testimonials for a company on her blog. Though “15 dollars” is not worth mention, it gives her much courage to run video streaming sites.

Traffic Depends on More Factors

Actually, video is not the only factor for the traffic increase, the other factors are also very important, such as the layout, the color match, user experience and the site promotion. While, what I have to mention is that video really add much to a site.

Streaming video blog is just a case of video sharing platform for personal use. Besides, you need download and install a WP-FLV plug-in to integrate videos to blog. When it comes to a group or enterprise, they may search for some functional, easy but low-cost streaming video solutions. However, no matter you run video sharing sites or streaming video blog, the methods to make money are largely identical.

Can all people who run video sharing sites make money? The answer is No. Only those video sharing platform with a great deal of traffic could bring money. It is well known that except for layout, color match and good user experience, videos need SEO and promotion to bring traffic, such as submitting the site to Google/Yahoo/Bing, submitting videos to YouTube/Dailymotion, optimizing keywords/content/anchor texts, making use of SEO tools etc.

Methods to Make Money Online With Video Streaming Sites

The traffic is the key to make money. Followings have provided some of the methods to make money those people who run video streaming sites:

1. Sell Ads
Advertisements are primary source of income for video streaming sites. The cooperation methods with advertisers are various. For instance, you can provide some of the keywords for the advertisers and they choose the keywords they are interested. When users search for the certain keywords, the Ads will appear. Or, recommend some Ads at the side of related videos or on the first page.

2. Provide Paid Video-On-Demand Services
Some of the unique videos or movies can be provided to users with charges. Users are willing to pay fees for some videos, such as sports event or concerts etc.

3. Affiliate Marketing
Many companies may upload their videos and add the link to their products or services. You can get some of the commissions from the product or service sales especially for those hot videos.

Above has provided some of the methods for video sharing platform to make money. If you prepare to create video sharing platform and want to find the low-cost streaming video solution, you can try to read some guides on low-cost streaming video solutions and promote your videos. You need to wait for seconds and then input your email address, and then you can get this free guide.

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