How to make friends easily and effectively

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Before we move into the topic, each and everyone should understand that world is a place for people to live their life by loving others and not hating others. If you understand the truth behind this statement, then there is no need for you to read this kind of an article.

The first and foremost character which we must possess to make friends is to have the ability to accept others. Only when you are ready to accept a person as your friend, he will become your friend. This might seem so simple in words, but the drastic truth which lies behind it is very effective. Imagine this example, you are going to fill a glass with water. What happens if you try to fill the glass with water when it is sealed? the basic principle is the same “Where there is a will, there is a way”. So by this moment, you might have realised the truth behind accepting others.

The next important character one should possess is good listening skills. Inorder to make a communication pretty effective between two individuals, both must possess good listening and conveying skills. If you are trying to explain your thoughts and ideas to person who isn’t listening to you is similar to conveying your thoughts to a wall. So at those circumstances there should be effective communication from both the sides. Only if there is reciprocation from both the individuals, we can reap the effectiveness of powerful communication.

One single character which all must possess is trying to be humorous and lively. An active individual has greater probability of attracting individuals than a lazy one. One has to speak to everyone with good amount of interest and dedication. Try to speak to people by looking into their eyes rather than looking into the ground. This action will demonstrate how self confident you are. Try to hide your shyness before them.

Be cool and confident is the key to make friends easily and effectively.


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