Five Questions To Ask A Search Engine Optimization Company Before You Hire Them

Hiring The Right SEO Company

To hire SEO companies which are absolutely wrong for the business doing the hiring would be a major disappointment as well as a bad business decision. Agencies can be wrong for several reasons, not all necessarily related to your business. A poor rapport with an agency has a negative impact on your business relationship just as much as a company that has no experience in your type of business. To minimize the possibility of hiring the wrong company, ask a few questions.

What Is Their Track Record?

SEO companies are being formed on a regular basis. You may want to find one that has some experience. You also want that experience to have positive results. If an agency does not provide you with a good enough answer in this respect, then internet should disclose everything you want to know about this and other SEO companies you are considering. Failing that, check business monitoring agencies about the reputation of a particular company. If you have to go that far just to get an answer to a question, then you may want to look elsewhere to hire.

What Is Their Search Engine Ranking?

You may want to ask them where they stand in their own ranking. After all, you will trust them with yours. If they don’t even rank within the first ten or so for their title phrase, then you may want to ask several additional questions immediately. There could be some very good reasons for their own poor ranking. This is a flag, however. SEO companies that neglect their own standing on the internet probably won’t care much about yours either.

What Are Their Business Practices?

Search engine optimization company who does not want to tell you how they do their optimizing, should not be held in as high an esteem as the SEO companies that fully disclose what they do. When you ask about their methods of link acquisition, it should not be seen as an act of business espionage. You have a right to assure yourself that your good name will be linked with a company of high business ethics and standards.

What Are Their Goals?

Every company must have a business plan. Without a plan, or a goal, a business is sure to fall. Ask your company about their goals and how they set them. Are their goals based on customer satisfaction or on earnings alone? Are their goals to build a big company and then sell it to the highest bidder or do they want to establish a business their children will someday operate?

Do They Require Contracts?

Finally, ask SEO companies whether they insist on a yearly contract or are willing to work for you on monthly renewal. Good companies will be very accommodating with new clients and offer discounts for long-standing ones.

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