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Have you tasted a beer mixed witha chocolate drink.Well i do and it realll taste good and i never imagined that it will be that great.Ive tried this last holy week because it is vacation time together with my cousins we had experimented that drink and it turns out well..and its really cool thats why ill share the recipe for that and i tell you it will be great.but it will depends on your own taste.because we have different taste buds wich means we have different tastes.Here are the ingredients and the is simple and easy.i called it BEERCHOCO



1 chocolate drink

1 bottle of beer

1 teaspoon of Sugar


1.Get a glass or cup then put your chocolate drink into the cup together with the sugar and mix it.

2.Then put a beer.if you like you can put ice.thats it.Have a great taste

Try it and experience new taste with beer!.Im sure you will love it!.With that simple step then you can make anytime you want at any day.It will be a new refreshiong taste im sure of it.Because when we tasted it we are shock and we never think that it will be that good.We had a great time all day with Beerchoco.i called it Beer choco because it started with a beer not with the choco i want to call it chocobeer i know it sounds good but the meaning doesnt fit the real thing because it is originally from the beer not from the choco.this is a new discovery for me.


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