Starting a Freelance Writing Career

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Why Writing?

Let’s visit a familiar scenario: your boss is in a bad mood, you’re getting a lot of flak for things that aren’t your fault, and you can’t have the day off you needed. These are all things we’ve come across during our careers when working for a company, and they often make us regret working for a particular company. However, the life of a freelance writer is a lot more flexible. Day off? Sure! Of course, you’re not earning, but you can make it up on another day. Need a last-minute holiday? Let’s book the tickets! Best of all, there is no one to tell you what to do. You are the sole motivator of your freelancing career.

Now, you are probably convinced that this is all too good to be true. “What’s the down side?” you may ask. Truth is, the only down side is that you are the only one who can motivate yourself into making money. If you’re dedicated to freeing up your time and making a decent living writing wherever you want to be, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Where Do I Start?

The first thing to do is ensure you have a good understanding of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If you get these three right, your articles will read better and have more credibility. There are numerous help guides available online, so do a little browsing on a search engine to further your knowledge of writing basics. You’d be surprised at the errors most people make.

To be a writer, you need to build up a portfolio of work. Start by writing articles on topics you are familiar with. Ask a friend for opinions on your writing style. An article needs to engage its readers, which is important if you’re determined to become a great freelance writer. I try to write a couple of articles a day on basic topics, and I have a schedule of article titles I intend to write. This keeps my freelance writing skills sharp and my mind engaged.

Where to Post Your Articles

Before you publish your articles, check they are cohesive, accurate, and interesting, otherwise your written works will be ignored. You can either create a blog where you post your articles, or you can post your articles on a site such as this one. Congratulations, you’re on your way to becoming a freelance writer. However, this is only the start.


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