Powerful Websites to Promote Your Internet Business

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The internet has become the largest communication tool in the world. It has made thousands of companies wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Millions of average ordinary people working at home have been enabled to earn an income to provide for their families, pay bills and start their own online businesses. The internet has connected the world like no other idea has ever been able to do.

Since the invention of the internet; companies like Apple Inc., Facebook and Google have made using the power of the internet easier for everyone. Apple Inc., has invented products such as the iPod, iPhone and the iPad, which has made accessing the internet from anywhere on the planet as easy as pushing a button. Facebook has accomplished what no other social media network has done before; it has connected over 100 million users worldwide in the shortest amount of time. Google created the most powerful and most used search engine on the planet and has continued to roll-out exciting new online tools that have been extremely useful and profitable to businesses and individuals around the world.

The internet has become the “Perfect Marketing Power of the Internet” for people who have the knowledge to harness and use its power.
It doesn’t matter what kind of business that a person might have. It doesn’t matter if the business is operating an online business or an offline business. The internet is the world’s most powerful communication tool that the planet has ever known. It gives an individual the power to reach the masses around the globe at lightening speed and any time – day or night – 24/7. Communicating with the power of the internet is the fastest, easiest and most of all the most inexpensive way to promote your internet business to millions or billions of people around the world with the click of a button.
The internet hosts billions of web pages, millions of websites, thousands of forums, hundreds of multimedia networks and less than 10 mega-successful social networks and/or search engines. Business operators can promote their products, services or websites using the power of the thousands of forums or hundreds of multimedia networks and/or search engines to reach potential consumers in the hopes of getting noticed or better yet; invest time wisely and use the power of the 10 most successful mega social networks and search engines on the web to get the job done.
The only tool more powerful than the top ten mega networks and search engines to spread the word about your business, products, services or internet content is by word-of-mouth, but the internet still remains the world’s powerful communication and promotion tool on the planet, because without it; the task of word-of-mouth marketing would take forever to accomplish.
So, what is the internet’s most powerful and most successful websites, social networks and search engines, which combine attract more than 4.75 billion unique users and 5 trillion page views? They are as follows:
Facebook.com – social network – 880,000,000 unique visitors – 1 trillion pages views
YouTube.com – Online Video – 800,000,000 unique visitors – 100 billion page views
Yahoo.com – Web Portals – 590,000,000 unique visitors – 77 billion page views
Live.com – Search Engines – 490,000,000 unique visitors – 84 billion page views
MSN.com – Web Portals – 440,000,000 unique visitors – 20 billion page views
Wikipedia.org – Dictionaries & Encyclopedias – 410,000,000 UV – 6 billion PV
Blogspot.com – Blogging Resources & Services – 340,000,000 UV – 4.9 billion PV
Baidu.com – Search Engines – 340,000,000 unique visitors – 110 billion page views
Microsoft.com – Software – 250,000,000 unique visitors – 2.5 billion page views

Honorable mention is:
Twitter.com – Email & Messaging – 160 million UV – 5.9 billion PV


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