Is Astrology True?

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This question has been a topic of intensive debate both online and offline. Also there are misconceptions about Astrology which have confused the mind of the public about the authenticity and scientific basis of Astrology. The article aims to remove these misconceptions.

Sun is referred to as a Planet in Astrology, and this is one of the main misconceptions which makes people believe that Astrology is not scientific and that the Seers of the past did not have any astronomical knowledge. The article clears doubts about this misconception through this article.

Is Astrology True?

In Vedic Astrology Sun is referred to as a planet, this has been used by many in the West to question, criticize and even laugh at Vedic Astrology. However over the years Vedic Astrology has progressed to an extent that now most of the Research Work in Vedic Astrology is happening in the United States of America and Europe.

The Best Astrologers from India are not settled in United States and Europe and have gathered a huge following of learners and believers.

Through this article the author tries to remove some of the misconceptions about Vedic Astrology and also explain to the world that Astrology is a Science.

Sun is referred to as a planet in Vedic astrology which is actually a star.

This is one of the observations in various forums and websites and posts and used as a basis to criticize astrology, however there is a history to it. In sanskrit the word graha is used to describe the sun, Graha translated into english would mean a heavenly body. It is a wrong translation Graha = Planet which has resulted in confusion in the minds of people.

Even Rahu, Ketu which are not physical but mathematical points are also called grahas in vedic astrology however the Astrology seers have given detailed calculations on the calculation of their position, hence they knew that these are mathematical points and not physical.

The Astrology Seers of the Vedic Era have given exact calculations of the Orbit of the Earth around the Sun it is well documented in the Surya Sidhanta, the translation and original is available in the German Library.

How is Astrology Relevant or is it accurate or is it scientific.

The female menstrual cycle is exactly the same as the moon cycle. The Moon is one of the planets which signifies menstrual cycle and blood in the human body. The Moon rules over liquid and water on the planet. Now we scientifically know that tides are caused by moon, if Moon as a heavenly body can have such vast gravitational effects on the physical plane, what would be the impact on the human body which is primarily composed of water.

The Venus cycle of setting and rising is the same as the number of days that the human embryo is in the womb. Venus represents the birth cycle, is it a coincidence that the number of days that Venus takes on its journey from setting to coming up in the sky is the same as that of human embryo. How was this known to the seers thousands of years ago, without scientific instruments is a mystery.

It is statistically proven that the number of crimes committed on full moon and no moon nights is exceptionally higher, this is empirical evidence to suggest that astrology has a role to play in the human life. There have been numerous studies on criminology and all have come to the conclusion that the days of full moon, no moon and the days preceding and succeeding them 50% of all crimes are committed.

The Moon is the significator planet for mind, isn’t it strange that there is a correlation between an afflicted moon in the zodiac and the crime rate on particular days.

Some mental diseases and states are known to aggravate during full moon or no moon period, this is also a strange correlation which clearly indicates the link between the cycle of the moon and the human mind.


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