Technology Comparison : Dual Clutch Transmission VS Instantaneous Gearchange System

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Hello friends  ,Honda has two gearshift mechanism technology which DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) and IGS (Instantaneous Gearchange System). Honda Motor is already applying the DCT in VRF1200F, whereas IGS specifically applied in the RC212V. What is the difference between the two???

Quoting from an article in, that “the DCT is a technology that applied 2 clutch in 1 gearbox. The goal is to get comfort and improved performance from the bike that uses DCT, “said Sarwono Edhi, technical service training manager of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM).

Each clutch in DCT systems, escort a different gear. Clutch 1, used for gear 1 (start-up), 3 and 5 and the second gear clutch function is to guard the 2, 4 and 6. With 2 clutch, making a more subtle shift. 

That’s because when the engine is positioned 1st gear, clutch number 1 channel power from the engine to the wheels. At the same time the number 2 also follow-up gear to move, poised to become the next recruitment. However, when this position occurs, not yet connected to the countershaft (gear connecting gearbox to the final gear).Once the riders move into 2nd gear, a new second clutch directly connecting the power will pass to the countershaft second gear. The same thing happened when the gearshift into 3, 4, 5 and 6. The same system also applies when making a reduction in gear position.

The VFR comes to market with a long list of optional accessories, including bags, bag liners, carrier racks, a top case, backrests, heated grips and a center stand. But its high base price of $17,499 makes the exclusion of some of those items on the standard equipment list questionable. After all, Kawasaki’s capable Concours 14 features standard luggage, a keyless-ignition system, a powered windscreen and heated grips (among other items) for $14,599. 

But this new Honda is something special, with elevated refinement and build quality. The styling is startlingly different, if controversial, and the availability of a double-clutch transmission certainly sets it apart from the rest of the motorcycling world.

DCT application of this technology, also can make the spin machine did not fall dramatically during gear shift. That’s a result of movement in the next gear ready as the dealer labor conditions. 

While IGS is a newer technology in the transmission RC212V that research by the company in the UK who is good brain-tweaking transmission (Xtrac). By using IGS, gearbox simultaneously to select and engage two gears simultaneously.

Meanwhile, those who used only 1 set of gear drives. This makes no loss of power during a gearshift. Even the claim of loss of power until the zero point. Although the workings of IGS-like DCT, but the IGS using a single clutch

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