Digital Book Scrapping Anyone?

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Hello everyone, i would just like to share this wonderful site that
gave me an interesting idea of being creative with all the pictures that i
have. As you don’t know yet, I’m an avid fan of photography and a
frustrated model tooanxious.gif . So most of the time when i am not busy with my work online, i do put my photos on site where i was a member just last year, and start my book scrapping thing.

It is not a difficult job, it will give you less time to explore every tool that you need to use , and from there on you will enjoy creating funny pictures with different designs available which of course you don’t need to buy anything just like a manual book scrapping would require.smooch.gif

You can be adventurous on colors, and artistic in the way you express yourself using this site. And what is best is that you can share it with your friends and family and they will surely love it. They also offer print outs if you wanted to show off your creative works but it comes with a price of course. Well, for me, this is also a good business like when you design pictures for kids party, your wedding, birthdays and much more.

There is a good opportunity learning this wonderful site and as a tool for business if you are adventurous too. I will share to you my piece of work at this site, hope you like it.




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