Radiation to The Needs of Food

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Radiation is still a scourge for the general public. Generally, radiation is associated with negative impacts on human health, such as radiation from nuclear power and electricity.

Radiation is the dreades human condotion wherever, in fact rarely, increasingly paranoid that people make something that is excessive or out of fairness, which eventually becomes unnatural.

But, the actual energy from other radiation sources can be utilized for safe food preservation to healthcare. Basically, the radiation is not from hardware such as nuclear energy, no impact on health.

There is also the source of radiation emanating from Cobalt-60, Cs-137 that produces gamma rays, electron beam machine, and X-ray generator engine. With restrictions on the irradiation dose and the maximum limit of four sources, preserved food does not become radioactive. Safe standard is 5 MeV and 10 MeV for electrons used engine,

“It’s different with food affected the impact of nuclear radioactive. This radiation from non-energy,” said Chief BATAN Food Ingredients Group, Zubaedah Iriawati, in his office, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, Thursday, January 5, 2012.

The process of preservation by the radiation source is known as irradiation. Type of radiation used is a high-energy radiation (ionizing radiation), because the cause ionization in the material in its path.

In the process, the interaction between radiation and matter or living cells that give rise to various physical and chemical processes, which inhibits the development of living cells, microbes.

“So, can extend the shelf life of food, also delayed budding, because it can kill germs,” ​​said the graduate of ITB’s.

This irradiation process, he continued, as well as when frying fish.“If it’s fried fish with hot, with light,” he explained.

He said the preservation pepes rendang can hold up to 2 years.There again, knowing Yinyin can also hold 6 months. “So this radiation for nothing,” he said.

Pickling can be used for people who have a weak immune system, such as HIV, cancer, and tumors. “For people who pilgrimage, especially victims of natural disasters, suitable also for business,” he said.

It claimed to have given the results of preservation of food irradiation to the victims of the earthquake in Padang some time ago. “So, good nutrition, disaster victims stay healthy,” he said. Food irradiation has been exported to Europe, America and the Middle East. 
Sources: VIVAnews


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