Obama Looks a Winner All The Way

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President Barak Obama is nearing the end of his term and next year an election is due. There is a massive debate on for and against Obama. His popularity ratings are down and he is nowhere as popular as he was at the start of his term. He had promised a lot of things, but the ills of the past Presidents caught up with him and perhaps that is one reason he failed.

The economy is his biggest bug bear and he must be wondering what to do about it. Frankly, the present state of the economy is not Obama’s creation, but he is the man wearing the hat and people look for scapegoats. Having said that, the next question that I have is that in case Obama is voted out, what is the alternative. Can the next President whose ever he may be, take America out of the economic rut. Frankly, it’s highly unlikely that he will be able to do it. The problems of the United States have grown insurmountable. The deficit is running into trillions and worse China has almost 30% of the US economy in its pocket. Despite this the wars continue , piling up further bills

A look at history will show that America overspent right from the time of Ike to Bush and once you keep spending, you at some stage will have to scrap the bottom of the barrel. This is what has happened and the birds have come home to roost. Its not just Bush, but all Presidents from Lyndon Johnson downwards are guilty of starting wars.  

Looking as a dispassionate observer I don’t see any serious challenger to Obama from the opposition. The credibility of the hopefuls is pretty low and that is where Obama stands to gain. What ever his ratings, his opponents just do not seem to have their act going. So there is every chance that Obama will win re-election, not on the strength of his performance, but more by default. The American rank and file may at the last stage decide to give Obama another chance for the simple reason no one better is in sight.


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