Newspaper Coupons VS Online Coupons – Which One is Better; Newspaper Coupons or Online Coupons?

Newspaper coupons and printable online coupons will help anyone keep their shopping list affordable. In this time and age, it is important that people learn how to save more for every item they buy. If you can pay for a thing at a discount then there is no point paying for it in full.

The great news is, newspaper coupons, as well as coupons found online, will help us get amazing bargain for different products and brand, and also for stores, services and restaurants. With the help of online and newspaper coupons, you can keep a huge sum of money for emergencies or for more important expenses like house and power bills, gas, education or some other things.

Newspaper coupons are the usual coupons that we use. You can collect the newspaper coupons mostly from the classified ads of the Sunday newspapers. On the other hand, online coupons are coupons found on the internet. You can get them in various websites online.

Essentially, newspaper coupons are similar to online coupons. They just have differences. Both newspaper coupons and the online coupons have their respective weaknesses and strengths. Whether you will get newspaper coupons or download online coupons, you need to understand these weaknesses and strength to be able to choose which one is the better choice.

The following are some in depth discussions on the weaknesses and strength of both the newspaper coupons and online coupons. Read them and you will learn more about newspaper coupons and those that are found on the internet. Use the information to weigh which one would suit your best; should you stick with newspaper coupons or should you switch to online coupons.

Here are the discussions on the strengths and weaknesses of both newspaper coupons and online coupons.



1. First of all, newspaper coupons are cheap, they are actually free and, instead, you just have to pay for the newspaper. You can also get them at a cheaper price or even for free by getting the Sunday newspaper the next day!

2. The newspaper coupons are easy to find. All you need to do is go to the nearest newspaper stall or subscribe and you will get them.

3. Newspaper coupons are easy to organize. The best things about newspaper coupons is that all you need to do is clip the newspaper coupons from the newspaper page and you can easily shove them to where you can easily access and use them.


1. The newspaper coupons found in the newspapers are very limited. In a Sunday newspaper you will more likely find only about 50 newspaper coupons.

2. Newspaper coupons are printed on newspaper papers, which is a very cheap and perishable paper. Therefore, newspaper coupons are easy to get ruined.

3. The newspaper coupons are not varied. Usually, you can only find coupons of the newspaper’s sponsors.



1. Coupons on the internet are limitless. Take for example our website, you will find very comprehensive and very diverse coupons for a variety of products, brands, stores, restaurants or services.

2. The coupons in our website are updated every hour, so you get a new batch of coupons everyday.

3. Online coupons are easy to use. Just download, print and use!


1. Computer viruses and spywares should be downloaded to your computer to wreak havoc, that’s why many mischievous people use coupon sites to distribute viruses and spywares.

2. Many unscrupulous criminals use fake coupon websites to fool people in their nasty schemes. If you choose the wrong site, you could end up in a bad situation.

3. Some people also use the information you give in their fake coupon websites in order to steal information from you and use them for other criminal activities.

These are the weaknesses and strengths of both newspaper coupons and online coupons. Decide for yourself whatever you want. Is it online coupons or newspaper coupons?

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