How to Meditate With Your Inner Voice

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Sit in your meditation seat (cross-legged, heel seat, chair, etc.) and in your meditation posture (hands on the legs or in the lap).
Have your eyes closed.
Breath in and out.
Calm down and relaxFeel what you need and find your personal practice.Meditation is good for you.

Stop thinking. Stop all thoughts for one to three minutes and come to rest. Relax.

Send light to the world. Visualize the Earth, move a hand and think: “I send light to… May all people be happy. May the world be happy.” In particular, send light to the suffering people. Use your television as a window to the world and wrap all suffering people with light.

Use yoga as the model. Put your hands together in your lap. Visualize yourself as a Buddha, Shiva or Goddess. Move your toes a little and think the mantra: “I am a goddess (Buddha, Shiva) of peace. I go the way of peace. I live in peace.”

Visualize the cosmos around us, a universe full of stars. Make large circles with your arms and think: “I take things the way they are. I let go of my false desires. I live in the unity of the cosmos. I flow positive with my life.” What do you want to accept or release today? Say: “I accept …. I let go …”.

Connect with the masters. Rub your palms in front of the heart chakra. Connect with the enlightened masters and think: “Om all enlightened masters. I ask for guidance and help on my way.”

Question. You can now ask a question. Think about your life. What are your goals? What is your way of a wise life? Meditate on your question. Listen to the answer inside. What does your inner wisdom say? What answers your inner wisdom? You feel the answer. Let the answer appear in you. Think the answer several times as a mantra.

Say the mantra. Put your hands in your lap. Keep your back straight and your stomach relaxed. Bring your mind completely to rest. Think the mantra “Om” in your head, chest, abdomen, legs, and feet. Think in the earth and in the entire cosmos: “Om Shanti, Om Peace… “.

Stop thinking. Stop every thought for a minute. When thoughts come, always push them away. Then relax completely. Slacken your body. Sit there relaxed. Peace and harmony are within you.

Be optimistic. Go forth positively in your day. The light is with you. Be blessed.


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