My Very Best Friends

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I believe that a friend is an angel who lifts us off our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fl y. It means that our friends are people who will always be there for us any time we need them. I’m so lucky because I have three best friends. They are Firsty, Ronald and Jonathan. We have known each other since we were four years old. We met in the kindergarten. Since then, we always go to the same school. Moreover, our houses are still in the same block. We do everything together. Our motto is “United we stand, divided we fall”. It means “together we are stronger”. Now, let me introduce my friends one by one.

Firsty is the youngest among us because she was born in December. We call her “The Sweety Firsty”. Her father is French. She is tall and slim. She’s about 171 cm. She has long straight hair. Actually the color of her hair is blonde. However, she dyed her hair black since last year. She has beautiful blue eyes, an oval face and pointed nose. “The Sweety Firsty” is a cheerful, confi dent, and determined girl. However, she is a little bit careless and stubborn. She
has many cats in her house. There are about nine cats. She loves them all. One of her favourite is a little orange cat. She calls her ‘Shinny’. Firsty loves to dance and sing. Nevertheless, she wants to be a model.

Ronald’s nickname is Ron. Most of girls in our school love and adore him. There’s no doubt about his good looking. We call him “The Charming Ron”. His height is 176 cm. Ron has straight hair and perfect face. He is an intelligent and introvert person. Above all, he is humble. He was crowned as The Best Student this year. He won so many prizes on Math, Chemistry and Physic competition. However, his favourite subject is Chemistry. He wants to be a chemist someday.

Jonathan is a funny person. He can always fi nd a way to make the people around him laugh. I wonder what it is in his head for he can create jokes spontaneously. Jonathan’s nick name is Jo. He is plump. He’s about 168 cm tall. His weight is 80 kg. That’s why we call him “The Big Jo”. He has a round face with brown eyes. His spiky hairstyle makes him easily recognized. Jo is a humorous, friendly and an easy going person. He is a movie freak. He would never miss any new movie in the cinema. He dreams of becoming a famous actor one day. About me? Well, my name is Hana. I’m the shortest one among them. I’m about 160cm tall. I have long wavy hair with round face. My friends call me “The Chubby Hana” because I also have a chubby check. Most people, even my parents say that I’m a careful, generous
and diligent person. They also say that I’m a bit sensitive. I love painting. I spend much timein my small studio just painting.

That’s all about me and friends of mine. Even though we are quite different, we loveeach other and will keep this relationship for good.


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