Tough Challenges For The Unemployed

What does 2012 hold for the millions of people worldwide who are currently unemployed or underemployed? Time will tell, but one thing is certain – many of these people will no longer have the luxury of finding employment in their chosen fields. So what is the next best option?

CareerCrate holds the view that if at all possible, people should not jump at the first job that comes along. Obviously many people will not have that luxury, but for most people, being employed in the wrong career can have devastating effects that will profoundly affect the individual, as well as their relationships’ with family members, friends and co-workers. It is a recipe for disaster.

We support the view that unemployed people should search for those job types that still show high demand, and look for a something where their current primary, SECONDARY or TERTIARY skill sets can be put to use in a job type that they will find satisfying. While we do recognize that there are many people for whom this may not be an option, it is our belief that with enough effort and research, many job seekers may find career contentment, be it temporary or permanent, by adopting this philosophy.

Being unemployed could even be a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to leave behind a career that has brought no satisfaction, and entering into a totally new one that is interesting and fulfilling. Those who have the option should even consider going back to school.

Of course there will almost certainly be sacrifices – lower pay (which obviously opens up a host of its own challenges), or starting off further down the chain of command, which is especially difficult if senior workers find themselves ranked underneath much younger bosses.

Starting a new career may even mean having to relocate. Selling up and moving elsewhere can be a traumatic undertaking. So often though, having to make the decision to undertake something as big as this is the worst part of the anxiety. Once a decision has been made very often the angst disappears as the excitement of planning sets in.

We are not trying to downplay the enormity of the options we are suggesting. While all of our proposals are going to require real courage, it will be well worth the while when comparing it to the other option. Remember that work takes up more than a quarter of our lives, and we believe that to be stuck in a job we hate, without the time to seriously search for another job is by far the worse of the alternatives.

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