Review of Sony Ericsson W300i phone – Not quite a ‘camera’ phone, in my opinion

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I decided to get a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone purely because I didn’t want to buy a whole separate MP3 player. And this phone didn’t let me down in that respect – I bought a 2GB memory card and I’m perfectly happy now that I can take music around with me all the time.
The phone itself seems to be quite durable; I’ve had mine for almost 18 months and there are only a few small scratches on the front, but not even on the outer screen.
The battery life is brilliant. I’ve known it to survive about a week or so, with me listening to music on my way home on weekdays. But BEWARE! Don’t leave it on the walkman “now playing” screen (for example, if you paused your music and then put your phone away without properly exiting the walkman screen) as this will EAT the battery completely! Even if the music isn’t actually playing.
The shape of the phone is surprisingly well designed – it’s a good size for hands and pockets.
But this phone does have downsides.
First of all, the camera is a joke. It would almost be better if they just hadn’t bothered – they obviously only put in the camera so that they could officially label it as a “camera phone”. But with a 0.3 megapixel camera, you probably won’t find yourself using it very much.
My only other quabble with this phone is something that I think all Sony Ericsson phones suffer from – lack of proper controls for playing videos. But I soon gave up on watching videos on my phone, so it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

So overall, I would recommend this phone to music lovers who don’t care much about taking photos


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