Introuction to Bipolar Disorder

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is an illness associated with extreme mood swings. During these mood swings, a person’s behavior and activity levels are significantly disrupted. Some people can be seen to have increased energy and activity like mania . Others can be of a decreased energy like for example, depression.

What are the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

During episodes of mania, symptoms may include:

• being so full of energy that they need less sleep

• feeling happy for no rhyme or reason

• getting irritated much easier then a normal person

• Feeling restless and keep needing to do something

• Have excessive self confidence and feeling full of self importance

• unable to concentrate well and keep having racing thoughts

• Doing compulsive things that often have disastrous consequences

During episodes of depression, symptoms may include:

• Feeling very down and losing hope in life

• Low in energy and has no interest in everyday activities

• Difficulty concentrating and remembering things

• Self inflicting of emptiness or worthlessness

• Feelings of guilt and despair

• is always being pessimistic about everything

• lack of appetite which causes weight loss or gain

• sleeping excessively or having difficulty sleeping

• Lack of interest in life and having suicidal thoughts

What causes Bipolar Disorder?

The actual cause of bipolar disorder is yet to be known. However, it is thought that genetics can be a major factor in a person having bipolar disorder. Other factors include environmental conditions as well as social factors.

What are ways to help people with Bipolar Disorder?

• There are medications known as mood stabilizers to prevent episodes of mania and depression.

• Psycho and social treatments are available to help recognize the early signs of situations that may trigger a relapse.

• Learning ways to avoid having stress and also to deal with it

• avoid alcohol or recreational drugs as they will affect your emotional behavior

If you or your loved one has noticed anyone around you who are suffering from severe mood swings with the symptoms associated with mania or depression, please seek professional medical help.

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