Review of WipEout Pure – Fast, fun action (until the end of the game)

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Having played Wipeout Fusion on the PS2, I hoped that I might get a similar joy from Wipeout Pure on the PSP. And guess what? I did.

I bought this game soon after I bought my PSP, and soon found myself sitting in bed playing it at midnight on mute (so that everyone else in the house could fall asleep without hearing the music and sound effects of my game) pushing my anti-gravity ship through race after race.

On the topic of music, Wipeout Pure features a soundtrack filled with the usual strange experimental electronic music, which I must admit, has grown on me.

Anyway, the gameplay itself is basically what you would expect from Wipeout games – fast-paced and occasionally violent action.
Weapon pads supply you with various weapons to shoot at other ships/drop behind you so other ships drive into them – some are more helpful than others, but all have their own use.

I only have one problem with the game – its difficulty.
Having gone through a couple of leagues, I was faced with ever more intelligent AI, and found myself coming in 6th, or just being shot at so much my ship exploded. In the later stages of the game, winning seems to rely more on luck than skill – when the AI ships suddenly decide to blow each other up, instead of you, or something like that.

On the whole, I thoroughly recommend Wipeout Pure for just about anyone – you (hopefully) won’t regret it.


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