Overcoming The Winter Time Blues

Connect with friends. Football bowl parties with chili and velveta are an easy, fun and cost effective way to get together with friends. Throw down some velveta and rotel tomatoes in the crock pot buy some chips and you’re done. Many have said through the years that laughter is always the best medicine. It also makes it easier to exercise and stay active if you join a group of friends versus trying to do it on your own. Put together a neighborhood walking group. Join your cities ski club. Did you know Atlanta has one of the largest ski clubs in the country?

Take your vitamin D, get some sun even just 10min-15min a day. Usually calcium, vitamin D and many other nutrients won’t even absorb into your body without sun light. So take the dog, bundle up go to the park and take a brisk walk. You need the sunlight.

Drink hot tea; take St. Johns Wart, Echinacea, and fish oil, exercise. Take advantage of winter time exercises like skiing. Clean out the house take all the unused items to charity and get a receipt for a tax write off. It will make you feel more organized, better about giving and help you financially. Who needs to wait till spring to clean now is the time? Getting organized and cleaning out the garage is often cathartic and will make you feel more in control and happier.

Make a big pot of stew, soup or chili. My dad use to make super hot beer chili on game days in the winter when I was growing up. I still have great memories of the tears running down my face as I am eating the super hot spicy concoction. If you’re not much for chili make a nice chicken noodle soup to ward off coughs and colds in your house. It has long been thought that chicken soup has huge medicinal value. Harvest some fresh winter veggies and make a big pot of veggie soup or drag out the crock pot and put on a Sunday pot roast with pearl onions and whole potatoes and carrots let it simmer all day. Make pumpkin soup, eat spaghetti squash and butternut squash and all the winter vegetables that are in season now. Add a ton of color to your diet and get healthy.

Winter is the perfect time to stay connected with your friends and family in front of a warm fire. You can make smores or melted marsh mellows. It’s also the time of year to take care of yourself by getting that needed flu shot, taking your emergencie or airborne and using extra moisturizer on your skin.  Make winter the best season of the year.

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