Handy Hints to Spot And Beat Asthma

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Asthma is a chronic condition which is now become very infamous due to its occurrence from a young to old. There are many of factors which come into picture such as genetic as well as environmental.


It causes breathlessness which occurs often due to some allergies which is defined by sudden chest congestion, attacks of wheezing and constant battle with the lung and air. You get a feeling of loss of breath due to narrowing down of the tubes from our lungs. As this tube becomes narrower it becomes very hard to breathe. Other reasons for this attack can be due to throat contract and the tubes are swollen. Non-allergic asthma occurs due to exercise, weather change or some viral infection. It is also classified as either allergens or irritants.

There are triggering agents which cause asthma which can be such a silly thing for many, but can be deadly too. Some of them can be pets, pillows, pollution, perfumes, dust, plants and many more. Once you identify the triggering agent you should be ready to prevent it before the attack happens. The sad part of asthma is that it is not age related from a 2 year-old to an 80 year-old can have asthma.


The first victory would to know what has triggered that attack in you. Once you know that, you should take precautions to avoid that. Keeping your house clean, wiping it with a damp cloth to avoid the dust, stay away from people who smoke and from pets if you are allergic to that. A change in lifestyle happens when such a disease has its presence in your life.

Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of asthma may differ from person to person. The feeling is someone trying to drown you, where in you face shortage of air due to the inflammation in your lungs. Signs of asthma are mostly wheezing which happens due to the mucus present in the airway which causes the breathlessness. Sometimes it can be so severe that you may lose your consciousness and complaining of a chest pain.


Modern Medicines

Inhalers are a constant friend of an asthma patient. It soothes the pathway of the airways to breathe freely. There are long-term medications which are being prescribed by the doctors are used to control the occurrence of the attack. These medications help the patient in several ways to get back to its normal life.

Water therapy

There are theories that intake of water can prevent asthma attacks. Asthma occurs when the air passage is blocked so as to hinder the passage of water in vapor form from the body.


It has help create lot of myths people carry with allergies which are sometimes 30% of the times, the reason for asthma attack. Allergies some say is a mistake which the brain makes in presence of some substances. Brain seems to overreact with the opinion of that the substance is life threatening. These mistakes can be corrected with hypnosis.

Breathing exercises

Buteyko method of exercise has helped many asthma patients. People who used to take two puffs a day of bronchodilators have seen a major change. This method of breathing helps in reducing the intake of inhalers, medicines, and other steroids.

Other theory is that asthma is a defense mechanism which our body uses to keep the gases intact in our lungs. With the modern medicine and increased used of technology new solutions and remedies have come into picture to help the suffering people.


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