Review of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Don’t assume the word Crisis means it will be interesting

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I bought this game with high hopes, as I’m an avid fan of all things Final Fantasy, particularly all things FFVII. And did Crisis Core live up to those hopes? Sort of.

First, the story is perfectly fine, and the game doesn’t lack anything in that respect.
Second, the graphics are up to the high Squre Enix standard. The game is a delight to look at, and some of the FMVs are mouth-wateringly detailed.
Lastly, the gameplay. You’ll find yourself hitting the X button, A LOT, because that’s all you need to do to kill enemies. Occasionally you may want to change and cast some magic, but generally there’s no need, as you can hack at an enemy until it falls over. Also, the DMV system fills up your HP, MP and AP every now and again, so you don’t need to even think about using potions or ethers very much. As you might guess, this all tends to get a bit repetitive. And it isn’t helped by the strangely linear structure of the game (I say strangely because I know that Square Enix’s other FF games are usually teeming with side-quests. Crisis Core only has “Missions”. These missions require you to go from A to B; B being the monster you need to kill. Apart from treasures chests in the area, all you can do is kill the enemies in the missions, which, again, gets boring quickly). Another bad point is that the game is surprisingly short for a Square Enix game. If you go through the game, not doing the missions when you don’t have to (for levelling up purposes) then it’ll probably give you about 20-30 hours of gameplay, max.

So my overall view of this game is that, yes it’s a good game, but only if you have other things to do as well. Otherwise, long periods of gameplay may bore you to death. Or sleep. Whichever comes first.


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