Increase Your Success With Women by Taking Action – Instant, Incredible Results

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There are a million reasons why a woman will find a particular man attractive and very few of them make sense. One thing I do know for sure is this:

Not every woman is going to find you attractive, or even likable.

Nobody can have 100% success with women,

No matter how good looking, charming, rich or clever you are. Some women just don’t want to be with you.

Now, if you’re not good looking, charming or rich you may find that most women don’t want to be with you.

What you need to remember is that you only need 1 woman at a time.

If a woman doesn’t want to be with you, so what? If you’ve pinned all your hopes on getting that one girl you’ve admired for ages, and it’s taken all your courage to go and speak to her, then you really need to take on board what I’m telling you here.

If you approach a woman and make your move and you strike out, what have you lost? Absolutely nothing.

Only teenagers laugh about their friends striking out. Adults will think ‘Wow, I was I had Dave’s guts. He just goes up to any woman he wants’

If you want success with women, and you only get 1 woman because every other woman has rejected you, well then you’ve won, because you’re reached your goal of not being single any more. In reality however, unless you are an absolute freak with like 3 eyes or something, you can get more than 1 woman easily.

Until you develop massive confidence with picking up women, use the numbers game. Here’s the technique I recommend:

Take a chance Approach women. Learn to take ‘no’ for an answer. It’s easy, try it a few times, eventually, being rejected will feel less catastrophic

Every time you see a slightly attractive woman, talk to her. Make your intentions clear. I’m not saying, ‘hey beautiful, fancy come back to my place?’, but don’t be coy like a little girl. Speak to her, tell her you find her attractive and would she like to meet for a coffee/drink’

Do this every day – At the gas station, at work, in the supermarket, everywhere. After a couple of days of this, it will be 2nd nature and you’ll find the results spectacular. You won’t get to date every woman you approach, and maybe only 1 woman a week will agree to go out with you, but that’s 1 woman more than you would have had previously.

Being scared to approach women is holding you back. The only way to conquer that is to force yourself to approach every woman you like the look of and try to pick her up.

Remember, rejection is not failure.

A – It will hone your communication techniques so that you do it better next time.

B – You will learn to handle rejection better each time.

C – Not every woman will find you attractive or even likable.

Try this simple technique out for 1 week and if you don’t get more success with women than you did sitting in a corner sucking your thumb and waiting for women to come to you, I’ll eat my hat.


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