Can Social Networking Sites Help You Find Jobs

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Apparently, they can.

They can in ways that helped make applicants life way better. No more carrying heavy file cases and walking into companies just so you can find an employer that will hire you. There are even cases when employers, themselves, are the ones scouting for their prospective employees. All you have to do is post your resume online and monitor updates.

Survey says released an infographic of a study conducted by Jobvite. It is stated on the data gathered that:

  • Out of 6 workers, 1 used social networking sites to land the job.

  • The percentage of those who have sought assistance from online social networking sites to get hired has risen to 16% from 11% in 2010.

  • Out of 10 individuals hoping to get employed, nearly 9 have accounts or profiles posted online; and 54% of them use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

  • A staggering 18.4M Americans tell they owe their current jobs to Facebook, 8M says Twitter did them the favor, while 10.2M shares it is LinkedIn that helped them.

These figures should speak very well how social media dramatically transformed the job-hunting process, these days.

Why does joining “social group” matter

If you are not yet among those who have benefited career-wise, from social networking, here are more reasons to convince you join the group.

  • Tough competition- The competition does not end in acquiring skills requisite of your targeted role in the organization. Companies now look for employees who are well-versed with social media. Hence, it is an advantage to be familiar how these online portals work.
  • Background check– Gone are the days when assessing your behavior is done by merely reaching references you have provided. Hiring staff also consult the ever-smart search engines to gather details about you, particularly those you did not mention in your resume. All pictures you have posted online can possibly slim down or boost your chances of being picked as a candidate.
  • Personality assessment – Good employers do not badmouth their colleagues and their company. Beware if you have the habit of ranting through your blogs. Companies also check on this as they review your personality. Any post that could put off employers is a no,no, which then means positive entries can also do wonders to your applications. 

Tips to Finding Jobs Online

Here are tips you can follow to maximize opportunities of getting employed, through social networking sites.

  • Choose a decent profile photo. This may sound obvious but it is worth repeating, anyway. Do not post that image of you making face in front of the camera. Look presentable. Stay formal. Remember you are providing information to corporations, not your peers.
  • Subscribe to company alerts. Be the first ones to learn about job vacancies in companies you are eyeing on. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook. 
  • Posts notes to market yourself. Statuses do not stay on news feed for long. Since your goal is to promote your interests to more people, better opt for posts as they are displayed for a longer period.

There’s no harm in trying

Social networking sites offer their services for free. So there is nothing to lose with trying your career luck online. Be careful though, and ensure that your posts would not backfire.


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