Ways to Spend Your 24 Hours Per Day

Every morning, I will spend at least 5 minutes of my time making my bed. I like to keep my sleeping area neat and tidy. I actually feel really good when I get home and get to see what a perfect place I live in.

There are others who feel that there are other places where time can be well spent but for me, nothing beats spending my time to have a clean home.

I like to keep my home clean and dust free. It is good for health and it is also a good time for getting rid of unwanted junk. I often spend a few minutes of my afternoon time dusting my trophies or organizing and putting away at home.

I love my dog. Poochy loves to run around the house. I will always bring him out for a stroll in the evenings. This not only makes Poochy a happier and healthier pup, it also makes me feel refreshed when the evening breeze blows pass my face.

To spend my time effectively when I am at home watching TV, I will do some work outs while I am at it. I feel that I am killing two birds with one stone by doing something I enjoy and also keep myself fit.

I love to cook my own dinner. This not only saves money, but my home cooked food is healthier too. I have lots of recipes for cooking and I learn and have fun from doing it. Only thing I do not enjoy is the cleaning up. But then again, it is worth it and it is still considered time well spent.

Many people complain about long working hours at work and hardly have time for themselves. As for me, even when I am feeling stressed out from my work, I will still spend my nights looking out of my window and do some star gazing. The stars will cause all my daily stress to go away. Before I fall asleep every night, I will feel peaceful and satisfied.

I spend most of my day smiling and be a pleasant person to others, even when I am having a bad day, I believe that at times, being cheerful actually will make one self happier and feel better too.

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