Best exercise for weight loss

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Being overweight has its share of health issues. It has been reported that about 300,000 people die each year due to weight or obesity related complications. This refers to people from a cross section of society who have a BMI or body mass index of 25-29 which t many experts is considered overweight. Obesity now affects over 25% of the US population and more and more people are realizing that obesity kills. People that are overweight struggle with sleep problems, breathing problems, susceptibility to disease and illness, chronic fatigue not to mention a low self-esteem because the medial peddles people who are obese as abnormal and those that are skinny as the ideal.

Obesity is brought about by a number of reasons. One of them is eating more than the body is breaking down through the normal body metabolism. This causes excess fat to accumulate in many cases in the belly area and cause someone to be overweight. Then there are people that are overweight not because they over-eat, but because they have a genetic malfunction which causes their overall body metabolism to slow and food to be digested slowly. Others get overweight because of a combination of all of the above not to mention the contributing factor of a sedentary life. This means a life that is devoid of exercise and little movement. In the US, a lot of people live this life because of using their vehicles even for short distances. But there are some exercise that one can embark on to battle weight gain.

Running is one of the exercises that one can get into to combat obesity. In most places, enrolling in a gym is not even necessary. One can run in their neighborhood or compound. Walking is another. This does not involve much but just 20 minutes a day.


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