How to Get Started Selling Information Products

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Let me start this guide by letting you know some things before I actually address the real deal here. The Internet gives anyone the opportunity to make money from ideas and talents faster than any other platform. Therefore, if you are going to make money online, you must have your idea or concept and carry same to the internet. Many are approaching online business from the angle of wrong ideas they have been sold, believing that money is made fast online with no work done.  No, you will be frustrated if you think along this way.

Now I have been selling information for years and I must tell you it started just with a single idea and discovery. I also know a lot people who live from selling information. You would have also known some who do same business around you but do not know they make money selling information products.

I have met many people who ask me what I do and when I tell them I make  money selling information, they wonder how anyone can sell information or if I make enough money from it. It is therefore important that we address exactly what information marketing is.

Information marketing is a business art of packaging information in various forms, transmitting them in various forms to solve particular problem(s) for the target audience. Information could be transmitted in the form of ebooks, printed books, DVD (Videos), Online Videos, MP3,4, Television Broadcasting, Kindle, newspaper publications, blogging,  or even seminars.

Universities collect tuition to sell information (teaching student to get degrees),  Radio stations sell information and receive income from adverts just as newspaper. Lectures are paid salaries to teach or sell information to students.

Now you see that you already know people doing this business around you. It involves selling of such products. It involves creating and selling them for money. It involves giving out value.

Information Marketing is one of the best paying business in the world, less expensive to start with little or no money. It is one business that is recession resistant. It has been around since the ages.

I have also met people who want to start information marketing but end up telling me they do not know how to write and so they get discouraged. But the single question I always put to them is “if they have an idea they think will solve a problem”? Some people will also say they don’t have ideas that sells. Undoubtedly, everyone has information to sell as people within their community or globally would want solution(s) to their challenges in various forms and are ready to pay to have such information.

Sow what do you need to get started selling information? Selling information is the easiest way to start a business offline and online. What you need is identifying a problem in the society and providing a solution to such.problem. Let us take them in steps.

Passion: Identifying what you are passionate about is important when getting started with selling information. This is very crucial to your success in information marketing business. If you are selling information in a niche you are not passionate about, you may not do well. Starting information marketing with the sole purpose of making money instead of solving problems will lead you to selling valueless information at the expense of your buyers. Therefore, you must be passionate about what you want to sell as information.

Define Your Target Audience: Even if you have passion for a niche information, you must have a target audience to address or sell to. You cannot sell information to everyone. Therefore, every information you want to sell must have a defined target. If you are creating a product on how to pass exams in higher schools, it is clear that you cannot sell such product to anyone from 30 years and above as they have passed the age of attending higher school. If you are writing for females, you must have a target market either to write for the Married, Singles, Divorced or even the aged. This is being focused.

Define your form of Information Medium: The best and easiest way to start and sell information is using the internet in the form of ebooks. With this, your buyer will have access to instant download of your product, even while you are sleeping.

However, one of the lasting ways to sell information that I have known aside ebook is creating and selling printed information producrs as well as Videos. When you create a physical book or video, it keep selling year in year out with only reprint or burning of your DVD’s when they are exhausted. You become a Publisher.

You can also sell your information in the form of newspaper publishing, newsletter, membership sites, seminars and bootcamps or even television broadcasting.

Now you understand how to get started selling information online. Would you want to sell information? I bet you would like to as it is cheap to start selling information if you are going to sell online.

Getting started today: I would advise that you get a book ready solely for this purpose as it will help you on what you need to do in the coming days as I show and expose to you how to start selling your information products, even starting for free. Write down your ideas in this book and dwell on them until I come your way again.


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