The Many Faces of American Idol’s ADAM LAMBERT

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I really didn’t bother watching the first few episodes of this season’s American Idol.. not that I was a huge fan of the show in the first place. The only season of AI that I was able to watch from start to finish was Season 5 (?), and the only reason I did so was because I was able to catch Taylor Hick’s audition and was glad to FINALLY see someone “different” on mainstream TV. He represented the outcasts, those in the sidelines, underdogs like.. me. Oh well, so maybe he didn’t do as well as expected after his win, but darn if there were only 2 records left on the store rack, I’d pick his over this Jonas Brothers in a heartbeat.

Ok so maybe I’m too old for the Jonas Brothers anyway, false analogy there, and maybe I should’ve compared him instead to another acquired AI favorite contestant of mine, David Cook.. but then I’ll have to choose David’s album over his in a heartbeat, and I would miss my entire point, just like what I’m doing now and I’m babbling. I’m going to cut the prelude right here.

So, speaking of the bedevils, I couldn’t help but feel my stomach churn the moment I saw this this emo-cum-Jonas-brother-look-a-like suddenly pop up my Facebook friends’ profiles, and on the AI commercials. Who the effingod was this cookie-cutter boytoy again who only puts the cream on the crap of this limping show called American Idol? Then curiosity got the best of me and decided to try to catch an episode. I only got to see the last part of his rendition of “Tracks of my Tears” and at that point, I decided that I MUST see the next week’s AI episode because this Adam Lambert looks just like my future 4th husband, Emile Hirsch.

And so there I was, Thursday noon in front of my TV trying to catch the replay.. and then I see Adam enter the stage.. and his hips gyrate, then the one-arched eyebrow. And then came the powerful falsetto, and I thought, Man, no emo would be caught dead getting it on with Play that Funky Music. Is he gay or just playing the part of the song? Paula kind of answered my confusion when she compared him to Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler. Ok, so I was getting the sense of Glamrock by then..RELIEF was on my brows, because at least he wasn’t the copycat that I expected.. but then again there was the other “curious” side of this genre: wasn’t Freddie Mercury, in fact, most of them glamrockers, gay? or ok I’ll be soft.. bi? His hips gave him away though.

Ok, so by then this “mysterious” androgynous seducer with dark hair and gray smoldering eyes had already worked his magic on me (yea that’s how you do it, all you TV producers), and being the efficient cyber-stalker that I am, I googled Adam Lambert immediately, checked his myspace account and confirmed that he was into Glamrock (yay!), the theatre, and kissing boys. What?! But then I also got to check the myspace account of his other band Citizen Vein whose members (including him in those group pics) looked all straight and stiff as a board. What the?! This only makes me want him all the more. But by that time I really couldn’t care less about his sexual preference, this Adam Lambert definitely has GOT talent, ingenuity, AND showmanship. He simply is a cut above the rest of the contestants. And though he’s maybe getting some online-lashing for his solid theatre background, I’ll tell you folks now, you’re not going to get THAT good if you didn’t have some innate talent to work with.

When I saw his The Doors’y rendition of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire, I just thought I’d say Yes to an open relationship with him (that’s right, including his men). But when I saw his last week’s performance of Mad World by Tears for Fears/ Gary Jules, he sang it so harrowingly beautiful that I felt he could be my soulmate.

Anyhow, while waiting for tomorrow’s AI episode, I came across this article which compared Adam Lambert to the looks and charisma of Elvis Presley. Yeah he does kinda look like the King.. for a Queen that is. Anyhow, to my eyes, he still looks like Emile Hirsch, and likewise he could easily  by my 5th husband.

Adam Lambert                                     Emile Hirsch

However, I noticed that Adam also looks like other familiar faces..

Adam Lambert                                                                        Ashton Kutcher

Adam Lambert                                                                                    Dean Cain

You got any others in mind?


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