Easy Steps to Get Careers For Felons – How to Land Jobs if You Are an Ex-Felon!

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It’s tough to find careers for felons; especially the good paying ones. Almost all employers require a background check to any applicant; and with already rigid competition with other job seekers, it is even more difficult to get career for felons!
Many people who have had a Master’s Degree and impressive employment history find it impossible to get the trust of employers once their pristine records have been tarnished.
No matter how much the government say that they encourage and support for the reintegration of ex felons and protect the right of ex felon to fair job opportunities, this is not the case in real life. People will have that bad impression towards ex felons who are looking for careers. Finding careers for felons; therefore, presents new dilemmas that are difficult to defy.
Finding careers for felons puts forward new and unique problems that require new and unique solutions. Here are some of the suggestions that can help you find careers for felons:

1.) Evaluate Your Qualifications and Skills
Ask yourself for whatever you can bring to the table. What are your qualifications? Are you a professional or has your license been revoked when you do your time? What skills do you have?
List the things that you can do, your strengths, special skills talents, etc. Evaluate which of them you would want to pursue. Remember the previous jobs that you have had; maybe you can go back into that industry.

2.) Actively Look for Job Opportunities
Find job opportunities. You should never expect for the jobs to fall down from the sky. Actively look for them. Call your good friends, former professors and previous employers for a job or for a recommendation.
If you have a professional license, check if the law allows you to still practice your profession. If you have a job in mind that you are prohibited from doing because of a law that forbids you to practice (like in some states ex felons are prohibited to maintain health care careers) consider changing your address to another state where you can practice your previous career.
Another good way of finding careers for felons is to check out government job listings for ex felons. Careers for felons are easiest to find in such government listing; the problem is, they are very rare to happen so you really have to keep yourself updated to specific programs of your local government.

3.) Be Honest
Though you need not to mention in your cover letters and resumes about your felony history, it is still good to be straightforward to the interviewer about your past. The secret here is to not to give the details of your case. Try to explain that you have already served your sentence and have already changed. And you’re starting a new life by finding careers for felons like you. Then stress clearly about the skills and talents that you have that can prove to be beneficial to the company. Try to get good rehabilitation certificate if it is possible. If you are religious, you may also try to ask for a certification of good behavior and endorsement from your church.

Finding careers for felons is not the easiest thing to do on the planet, but it is not impossible. You can find careers for felons; especially apply the tips given above. So what are you waiting for? Hold your head high, give yourself a second chance and find a new career.


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