Gravity Depravity

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Elena was a science student who tried inventing different things by re-using the scrap found in the backyard. She was significantly keen about an instrument she found, it had a metal boundary with a hole in it with multiple wires, screws and an LCD on top; which started to glow when she pressed the only red button.

High above, in a tall skyscraper the Scientists were having a tense meeting. Head of the department, Mr. Ken displayed an image of the Earth in two halves.

“That’s our future if we don’t solve the mystery! The French Alps and America is being pulled down with uneven gravitational pull” he informed.

Minister of Science stood up, “Astronauts! Engineers! Scientists! Everyone! Whoever can solve the problem, there’s a reward waiting for you!”

Weeks passed and there seemed to be no result, articles began publishing in the newspapers and people began to panic. Satellites gave clues on climate change affected by gravity.

Back in the scrape yard, Sally was intrigued by the little object. She pressed the little button and figures appeared on the surface of metal. Whenever she kept it on the ground and changed the figures, the ground began to wobble. Always scared, she would switch it off. One morning, reading the newspaper she discovered that the Scientists were looking for help and this instrument just might do it.

Following days, she tried to know the function intended for the machine. She could always see some broken pieces of metal and wires hanging loosely along the side and few of the screws were un tightened. She took her screw driver and fixed the screws but the wires were still a mystery to the poor girl. It was a difficult thing to get an appointment with the scientists but after a few days she was approved for meeting them but for exactly 10 minutes. The man seemed to know the intended function for the machine and did a little adjustment. After a while, the machine showed a couple of numbers which could be altered.

‘Thank you very much, Sally; we might be able to save the planet Earth from destroying “were the only words the scientist said and disappeared from the room. Sally could hear commotion all around the building and people working furiously. She left the machine there, thinking that it be a little help to the community.

“Ladies and gentlemen we have great news for you, there is no trouble and we might just be safe’ the news reporter informed the following evening.

Inside the building the scientist informed the head manager about the little instrument and what a miracle it might do. The scientist fiddled around with some papers to find the exact gravity proportion of the Earth, at its original and typed in the numbers by connecting his keyboard to it. There was a small buzz and ground began to shake. Part of it went upwards and downwards.

“What have I done?” the scientist exclaimed, dumb struck to what was happening around him. Outside the cabin, the other employees weren’t less surprised. Weird images of half of the Earth and graphs showing the level of danger suddenly disappeared and all that was left on each of the computers were funny pictures of little toddlers.

Arvin, the Engineer came running up from the basement and started screaming about a virus and bunch of cops outside the tower.

“Shut up!” the manager screamed in despair.

“May I please know to what is happening, we’ve got a major problem and all you’ve got to think about is a virus?” he continued

Arvin told the manager to what he had came to know about the problem and how it had risen

“Sir, the police will be hear any moment to tell you, but I overheard that a crazy teenager had tried launching a virus into the computers and due to our lack of security, he had succeeded but unfortunately, fortunate for us, has been arrested. This all happened last month and the police have been investigating since the mayor came to know that none of this problem has been foreseen in other countries.” He reported

“Are you sure”? The manager asked

“Yes!” the policemen replied from the other end of the room.

“We were delightedly here to tell you what the man has just told you and that there’s no need to worry. The country was miss-leaded and culprits will be dealt with. The reporters were here about a minute ago and I am sure the media has already informed the incident” he continued

“And by the way, as for that instrument, it was intentionally kept there, and it’s got a strong metal detector, that’s why the ground starts shaking” the policemen informed what he had found in his investigation.

“Would you mind switching on the television?” the policemen asked

The manager did as he was told and was relieved to know the truth

“ The media will be here any minute to interview you” the policemen informed the manager as he exited from the tall building, where all the commotion had ended and every single person was sighing with relief around UK.

As for the teenager, he was sentenced 85 years in jail and all the virus roots and creation files, documents, CD’S were deleted and vanished into thin air.

The Earth’s multiple for gravity was still 27.90 with 75% water and Mercury the nearest planet!


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