Past or Present?

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Past or Present? Never returned home

‘“Family trip to other countries of Europe to spend summer holidays.”?! ‘

“That’s what the innocent child had said upon hearing the delightful news. Years have passed and there’s no trace to where the young girl has been after her last visit to her grandma. Has she died, perhaps? Deep below the seas or high up in the mountains, the traces found are as untrustworthy as an unfaithful friend. Parents have died in hope of finding their lost treasure and siblings are in despair. Some witnesses who happened to know the girl have told us a little as to who and what her life was like.”  

Reporter in the TV was informing the news with no trace of expression on her face.

Angelina and Jack were listening to the news attentively, just when the electricity cut down. Rosy ran into the living room with a lighted candle. Watching their sad expressions, she told them the uncompleted story.

“In summer holidays, when the children went for a visit to their grandma’s with their mother, a surprise was waiting for them, from their father. Mid-summer, they were all escorted for a road trip in their uncle’s car. The first stop was Paris where they saw a magnificent piece of architecture, “The Eiffel Tower.”

It was told that the family was having a stay at the ‘Punjab House’ for about three days.

During an interview, when Fatima’s mother was asked about her daughter’s favorite place, she told that she enjoyed the most in ‘Patriata’, second stop. She said that she found the view spectacular and the weather, cool high up in the mountains, including the ride across the green mountains in a cable-car it was one of her best memories.’

Record from a diary entry informed us that after Italy, their next stop was Colosseum where, nearby,  they had a fabulous snack at the McDonald’s and bought some gifts for their friends.

Though the family didn’t have a stay in Paris or Italy, they stayed in a huge hotel in London:

 When Walled, her brother was interviewed about the best thing about the hotel, he told that he loved the morning breakfasts which had a large menu.

They all visited the Wax Museum, Buckingham Palace, Black pool… We were also told that the kids bought lots of story books before their departure back to USA.

After a few days they all returned back to their home city.

The secret cameras fitted in the family’s car helped the press team to find out the where the family goes. The most unusual thing reported was that the family went to Pizza Hut at least once a month. Though the kids are only 8-11 years old, together with the parents, the family had to order one large and one regular pizza. The reporters are curious to find the amount they’ll eat when they are adults?

In Christmas holidays, the year 2008-2009, the family went to Malaysia for a trip. Evidence proves that the family took lots of photos and enjoyed.

The sad thing was that Fatima got sick before going, she told us that she prayed to recover but sadly the family had to delay the trip one day ahead.

She also wrote in her diary that the most interesting part was when they went to Gen-ting Highlands and experienced really dangerous rides. Though their younger brother, Waleed was scared and also very light-weight, he was left to hang around with his grandma while the big ones went to have a ride of their life.

Sherry, (another sibling) and Fatima went on a swing which turned them all around and was situated high up. They told us that it was so scary that they had their eyes closed all along, but it was still fun.

They also went to Monkey Island where they saw monkeys, did some shopping, they went to a water park where they took lots of slides and splashes, “Afamosa”- a water park, zoo’s and many more.

The most peaceful and non-physical moment was when they went to see the ‘The PETRONAUS Tower’. Fozia, the missing child’s mother reported us that” it was shining in the dark sky and it was gigantic. They had lean down and turn the camera to get a full view of the sight.”

Upon reaching back to Singapore Fatima made a presentation about the trip and showed it to everyone to keep the good memories forever!

Who knew that the girl herself wouldn’t be able to recall the memories herself but will always be left in a dusty old Acer computer, to recall her beautiful treasured moments?”

“Will these once-treasured memories always be a pain to the family?” Angeline asked Rosy.

There was no reply!


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