A New Day!

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“A new day!”

That’s what everyone says to keep their hopes up and wild imagination running. 

But this day, today, was just like any other day for Ben… Breakfast, Luck, Dinner, work, having a chat with family; nothing new. Nothing and absolutely nothing new! That’s what every one of us thinks when they are about to go to bed. We all try to ‘reflect’ on our day positively-but nothing absolutely comes up. That can be pretty hard at times for people who plan their day and get themselves ready for a “new day!” but it ends to be a bummer.

So today,here I am, writing, to prove to you that everyday can be a new day. 

Consequently, I started to get some research done likewise a true writer. Firstly, I started with my dad. I went over to him and asked:

“Dad? Is everyday a new day?”

His reply was quiet ironic and maybe funny…he said:-

“Every day is a brand new day!”

“huh?” would have been my reactive response but I didn’t.

Okay, so technically, I have given you a fairly believable proof. If you don’t believe it, go and ask your teachers, parents or just random people who say that “parents are always right”. Carrying on, I will now tell you, in fact, pass on some crucial information that might be able to shape your destiny. As an honest writer, I wouldn’t guarantee to you that it might have a positive effect….just joking, don’t be sad! All you have to do is try!

Now you must be wondering that she has gone insane and doesn’t have a clue to what is being said here. But I do! Every one of us must have felt insecure or vulnerable at some point in our lives, most of s leave hope after a rude remark but some carry on. 

One of the best ways to increase your self esteem and positivity could be to think positive about yourselves. So I challenge you…no I just recommend you that the next time you look into the mirror, think about three good things about yourself and how you feel about it.

Some of us listen to songs that have a similar melody or lyrics that shadows their current mood. I’ll share a story with  you.

Last year, I was fourteen. I had been doing loads of extra curricular activities in my school but I had always wanted to teach students. When I was about 7 years old, I used to pretend to be a teacher and persuade my parents to persuade my brothers to pretend to be students. Half of the time it worked but I realized now that we were actually living in a world with free will, therefore; my brothers were in luck half the time. Going ahead 7 years, I went onto a forum and joined it, there I advertised myself as a student who was interested in teaching a primary students. The next day, two of the meanest people wrote the sliest comment they could have thought of… I was disappointed and torn into a million pieces but my parents encouraged. Though I was burning with rage, I didn’t reply to them; After a while people started to appreciate me and I actually had two students and I started to earn my money. I was really proud! Not to mention, even my school was against it but I beat ed the odds!

Going back to our point about listening to music…during those short adventure, I usually listened to songs that reflected my mood like “mean” by Taylor swift. Suggesting that instead of listening to a song reflecting your sad mood, you should try and listen to a song that might improve your mood.

Thirdly, you might just talk to someone and they might support you like my parents did.

That leads us to our very main question. “How can you have a brand new day?”

Well it’s simple, just do what you have always wanted to do and I don’t mean like drugs but I mean like something like I had. I wanted to be a teacher and there I was, a fourteen year old. I am not bragging but I am telling you that don’t let people get you but get them by getting what you have always dreamt of. Turn your dreams into reality and that would make a “brand new day”. 

If you are having a hard time just remember that people throw rocks at things that shine bright!

So go out there and make you day a brand new day!


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