New Year's Resolution To Lose Weight

All diets have four basic necessities to make it work in order lose the desired amount of weight and fat. These four requirements include detox, workout program, healthy carbohydrates, and healthy proteins. But always remember that everyone’s body is different, and each person will lose weight at their own pace, whether losing five to ten pounds within a week or longer. Know your body, genes, and metabolism, and work to maximize the benefits of your diet/workout routine to fit your personal needs.

Detoxing the internal body is important in order to rid of any unhealthy food or ingredients that you occasionally might eat or drink. The best detox method is drinking eight glasses of water per day. You can also squeeze some citrus in your glass of water to make it more tasty. Other methods of detox include green tea, herbal tea, and juicing fruits or vegetables. Detoxing should be done throughout the day, from morning to night, for an overall better digestion and system.

Working out doesn’t have to be boring. Just pick sports and activities that you love and enjoy as well as make sure your workout routine has a variety of different workouts. An example might include one hour of cardiovascular workout, such as kickboxing, and one hour of yoga on the first day. Then, the second day might include one hour of treadmill walking and one hour of pilates. The third day might include one hour of cycling and one hour of PiYo class. The fourth day might include one hour of treadmill jogging and one hour of tai chi class. And, on the fifth day, consider a fun dance class, whether jazz, samba, or any other dance, as well as one hour of meditation.

Make sure your diet menu includes healthy carbs, which include vegetables and fruits, as well as protein. And, don’t eat any carbohydrates after seven o’clock in the evening. Protein includes beans, lentils, quinoa and tofu. Eat your carbohydrate meal during breakfast and lunch, and include protein in your dinner meals. Again, it is advisable not to eat dinner after seven o’clock. For starters, set your meals at earlier times. Set your breakfast anywhere between six and nine o’clock in the morning. Lunch should be around eleven or noon. And, dinnertime should be at five o’clock. In the evenings, fill up on water or herbal tea.

Healthy snacks include raw nuts, berries, veggies, fruits, seeds, and granola.

P.S. It also helps to keep your mind busy when working out, such as reading, watching television or DVD, listening to a CD, or chatting with someone. Time flies fast when your mind is busy with something else or someone else.

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