Significance of global poverty!

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Significance of global poverty!

Poverty can be defined as a state of deprivation where people are denied availability of major devices of livelihood making life convenient despite their continuous strives to have them. Though every state wants to diminish the causes that are responsible for poverty, still more than 70% of world population lives under poverty line. The continent of Africa in particular and many Asian countries (which are also called as third world countries) in general are pure victims of global poverty. The role of state actors and human rights agencies including that of United Nations have always focused on this core issue since long but still no large and noticeable improvement cannot be seen in this regard. One might wonder why? The following content will identify the reason for it:

Causes of global poverty:

   1. Unequal distribution of resources:

One of the eminent causes of poverty all over the world is inappropriate and unjust distribution of economic resources within every polity and society. Every country has various kinds of natural as well as artificial resource in abundance. What actually happens is that developed countries buy the natural resources of Under-developed countries in low cost and this is when and where the malfunctioning begins.

   2. Dubious educational systems:

You would have heard about lack of education being responsible for poverty but many countries also affirm that the education given in their country or region is not up to the international standards. Which means it is a waste of time and money. This dubious or useless education does not help these individual to get any jobs or employment and therefore the cause of poverty remains there despite acquiring education. This unlikeness amongst what is promised and what is given and any particular country forces people to hold responsible others for their miseries and impoverishment.

   3. Double standards of Human rights Agencies:

One of the chief factors responsible for poverty is double standards conduced by human right agencies. The holding of several meetings and reporting about them on the paper can never actually sort out the issue of poverty. Practical steps need to be taken. One reason for the failure of League of Nations was that it was an international forum on papers without any teeth and thus failed to fulfill its due role. Similar is happening in case of UN where the miseries are just increasing.

   4. Power holders strategy:

A greedy strive made by every power holder whether it is an individual human or by any state who works to make it stronger has its/ his own reasons to support the idea of diminishing global poverty just theoretically and not taking any practical steps in this regards.

Why Poverty cannot be eliminated?

Poverty cannot be reduced or eliminated completely as it is a kind of balance created by men and God both. Elimination or reduction of poverty will result in reduction of earth’s life. With equal distribution of resources humans will fall short of resources and a human strive to earn livelihood will also perish soon. Thus in a shorter span of time it would decay human’s strength to adjust with the new hardships. 


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