How to Stay Safe From Sex Traffickers

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How to Spot a Sex Trafficker

Sex trafficking is a very real issue. Although most people will never be affected by it, it doesn’t mean that we should be ignorant. Sex trafficking is more common in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America, although it is still an issue in North America and Australia.

It is important to know that sex traffickers are often the most normal looking people in a room. They are usually well-groomed, well-dressed and good-looking, which make them seem harmless and approachable. Usually they will approach you and try to strike up a conversation on something completely innocent, like how to get to another destination (they are trying to gage your familiarity with the area to see if you are a local), if you need help with your bags, or they may ask to cab with you in order for both of you to save money (they are trying to find out where you are staying/living).

Tips to Keep Safe From a Human Trafficker

There are many tips that people can follow in order to stay safe and avoid sex traffickers:

  • never travel alone at night

  • never tell a stranger where you are staying

  • try to always travel with another friend

  • avoid deserted side streets (especially in an unfamiliar country)

  • sex traffickers are often young, good-looking and well-dressed (they usually seem harmless)

  • be wary of a stranger who you see several times in different places (he could be following you)

  • never give out your full real name to a stranger

  • never tell a stranger where you are going

  • do not get into a car with a stranger

  • if you feel you are being followed do not go home

  • if you think someone is following you tell them to stop or you will go to the police

  • always be aware of your surroundings

  • if you are traveling alone never mention that to a stranger

  • If you think someone is following you try to stay in a crowded place (it is more difficult to kidnap you with hundreds of witnesses all around)

  • if you think someone is following you call a family member or friend and give them a description of the person who you think is following you

  • if someone asks if you are alone always tell them that you are meeting a friend

  • never open the door of your house or hotel for someone you don’t know

  • always lock your doors and windows

  • if you see the police let them know that you think someone is following you (it’s better to be safe than sorry, if the person is following you or has a criminal record a police check of their identification card will reveal that and you could be saving your life and that of others in the future)

  • sex trafficker can be locals or tourists

  • if possible always tell a stranger that you are a local (it’s easier to kidnap someone with no family or friends in the area and who is unfamiliar with their surroundings)

  • always pay attention to whether they fit in to the surroundings (a man wandering around a bus or train station with no luggage or ticket is a red flag)

  • don’t think that you are safe just because you are leaving the city (human traffickers operate in rings and could easily have someone waiting to follow you once you arrive in another city)

Although it may be hard to always remember to follow these tips, it’s important to remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry, because most often you begin to suspect that a stranger might be a sex trafficker when you’ve already revealed too much information.


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