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Are you hoping to increase your vertical jump and quickness? Have you been in constant search for a training program that will give you guaranteed results for these? And have you been failing from getting delivered? There is one training program in the market that promises you 100% effectiveness: The Jump Manual.

The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual is a training software that you can purchase online which is compatible with almost any computer platform. It has everything that you need in order for you to get ahead of your competition in terms of the intensity in your vertical explosion. When you get the manual, you will have the access to all training modules such as:

·         A thorough workout chart which will help you monitor and make the most out of your every workout.

·         A training video library of videos showing exactly how every flex and stretch must be done so you achieve ideal results.

·         A nutrition plan fit for your muscle-building mode so you only make your body fit and away from any injury.

·         You get to have your one-on-one training via email for a more personalized program, making sure that questions about your training are addressed. This training is actually sold for $200-$250 an hour and you will get for free for 30 days!

·         If you don’t have your own weight room, there are weight room alternatives that you can avail of.

·         Get the manual and you will enjoy a whole lot more of bonuses such as access to training forums, NBA and shooting coaches interviews, and just about everything you need for a successful vertical jump.

Is The Jump Manual For You

You may be wondering if the program that The Jump Manual offers is suitable for you, or if there are limitations with regards to improving one’s vertical explosion. The manual is actually fit for just about anyone, either you play basketball competitively or just for recreational purposes. The youngsters as young as 12 years old can definitely undergo the program; starting training and enhancing your athletic skills as early as that age could have rewarding results. People who think that they already have enough vertical jump, 40 inches for instance, can still increase their jump with the help of this manual. Some are also concerned with engaging in this training because of their age. 45 year olds have actually undergone the vertical jump training from this manual and they loved the results; as long as you are in good shape, then you are good to go. While there are some who have actually reached their genetic potential, in most cases, you may be just doing the wrong program. Unless you are nowhere between 40s and 50s, then there is no reason for you to stop honing your vertical jump, and The Jump Manual has the right program for you to do that. One’s race is also isn’t a factor; whether your white, Asian or Hispanic, as long as you can jump and it still haven’t reached 40s, then you can still do something about your vertical jump.

A Multi-faceted Approach

What sets The Jump Manual apart from other vertical jump training programs is that it is multi-faceted, which means that it touches 9 of the improvable aspects to improve vertical explosion. Yes, that’s right. Other programs unfortunately deals only with 1 or 2 out of the nine which does not allow you to do other training aspects helpful for you to reach your full potential.

How Fast Can Results Be Observed

There are many factors and circumstances that can affect your progress with using The Jump Manual, but it of course all boils down to you. The result from this training, just like with any other training, would vary from person to person. Though The Jump Manual is promising you guaranteed results, it is also of significance that you keep a reasonable expectation. The average improvement reported by both athletes and recreationalists from using this manual is an inch increase for the first week. The quickest time you would see improvement would be during the earliest part of your training as this is the time that your muscles begin to activate using techniques that they have never been put through before.

Great Purchase Deals

If you order The Jump Manual right now, you will enjoy it’s slashed off price of $67 from its original selling price of $129.95. Aside from educational Ebooks, videos, program charts and the intense vertical explosion program itself, you also avail of the one month free one-on-one coaching and an access to the Elite Jumpers Forum where you can get reviews and real-life experiences of people who went through the same training that you are about to experience. That is separately sold for $29 a month and your will get it for free when you buy The Jump Manual.


When you order The Jump Manual, you will have the once in a lifetime opportunity of witnessing an interview of the Guiness World Book of Records title holder Dave Hopla for most 3 points in one minute. In the interview, you will learn about how he facilitated trainings for several NBA players such as Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, and Gilbert Arenas. With a 99% accuracy in shooting, Dave Hopla is the man you surely would want to hear talk about how you can improve your vertical explosion. But that is not all! You will also have an access to the interview made with world renowned peak performance psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn. He is known to be working with professional athletes for 20 years now and his works have already been published and witnessed on famous magazines and TV shows such as ESPN and FOX.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Increase your vertical explosion or get a 100% refund. That is what The Jump Manual promises you. Why would this product be so confident to offer to give your money back if it does not really work? “I personally guarantee your satisfaction with this program. I promise you that if you are not 100% satisfied with your results I will grant you a full refund. ” Jacob W. Hiller, CPT, Performance Enhancement Coach, Certified Personal Trainer. If you don’t achieve your desired results after 60 days, you can just simply email him for a refund and he will gladly give it you. How is that for a win-win on your part?

The Jump Manual has a lot to offer so you achieve your optimum vertical explosion. With the price slashed off and all the bonuses, there is no reason for you not to give this training program a try. 


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