Fashion Tips – How to Buy Jeans

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Buying jeans can be hassle if you don’t go shopping prepared. Before setting out to buy jeans, it’s important to know what style and cut of jean suits you and what you are looking for. For example, although the skinny jean has been in style for the last few years, anyone who is heavier around their hip and thigh area should avoid skinny jeans as they only emphasize this area even more, making you look heavier than you really are.

Generally speaking, a simple boot cut jean is the safest bet when buying jeans because it usually fits and flatters most body types, and boot cut jeans are a classic so they never really go out of style, meaning you can wear them for more than just a season.

Browse Online Store Catalogs Beforehand

A great way to save time when buying jeans is to take a look at the websites of different stores, as they usually have pictures of all their stock. This will allow you to see the different jeans and their price. This will save you time when actually shopping because you will already have an idea of what is out their and you will know what stores to target and which to avoid.

This will also help you get a sense of the price of the jeans so that you don’t end up buying a pair of jeans from one store when they have almost identical jeans at another store for half the price.

Dress Like You Are Going Jean Shopping

When shopping for jeans it is important to dress like you are going shopping for jeans. This means wearing a top that matches with jeans, as well as shoes that you normally wear with jeans, but ones that are also easy to take on and off or you will find yourself ready to retire from jean shopping after having tried on only a few jeans.

As well, wearing the right underwear is crucial when going jean shopping, because a full underwear compared to a thong will make the jeans look different on you and if you are not wearing the underwear that you normally wear with jeans then you won’t be able to get a true sense of what the jeans really look like on you. By having the right clothing on you will be able to get a sense of how the jeans fit and feel, as well as how they would look with a complete outfit.

Don’t be afraid to go jean shopping. If you go prepared then it won’t seem like a daunting task. If you still feel uncertain about what jeans to buy then you can always bring along a friend to get a second opinion. Most importantly, make sure that you are comfortable in the jeans you buy because you simply won’t end up wearing a pair of uncomfortable jeans when you have a dozen other pairs that are comfortable.


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