Causes of Bad Breath And How to Prevent it

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Have you ever wondered what causes bad breath? The medical term for it is called halitosis. It is an embarrassing condition that can lead to a big problem, especially when you are about to whisper sweet words to your lover, or even talking to clients at work. Lucky for those who often have bad breath, the causes of bad breath are normally preventable and easily treated.


So how do we combat bad breath in our daily lives? The most important basic foundation to prevent bad breath is to brush properly. Most people only brush their teeth for 30 to 45 seconds per session and that is not going to work. Most dentists will recommend that you should spend at least 2 minutes and minimum of twice each day brushing your teeth. This is because other then brushing your teeth, you will need to understand the importance of brushing your tongue and also the sides of the mouth as well. Bacteria love to hang out at those places which is the last thing you want around. Also, do not forget to floss often as well because brushing alone will not be able to remove all the food particles stuck in between your teeth.


The food we eat affects our breath. This is especially true if you you do not brush and floss regularly. The bacteria that grow in the mouth due to accumulation of the bits of food left in your mouth and between your teeth the are the main culprits of causing bad breath . Certain foods like garlic, onions, cabbage, and certain spices contain odors that can contribute to bad breath because the smell if carried to your lungs and exhaled out through your mouth. Smoking especially is a major cause of bad breath.


Believe it or not, keeping your mouth moist is another thing you need to do often to prevent bad breath. You will need to keep hydrating yourself by drinking water or other fluids. This is because when your mouth gets dryer, it will cause your mouth to be a breeding ground for odor causing bacteria. Drinking or rinsing your mouth with water will cause the bacteria to not stay in your mouth for long and get flushed away.


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