Sego Klangenan Liwet Plus Poci

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Sego Klangenan Liwet Plus Poci

Mendominansi Javanese village atmosphere of this restaurant. Rice and rice lodeh Java liwet served steaming hot. Miroso marinade and fit for redeeming sense of missed. Keroncong music that accompanied the meal is making more and more comfortable to linger in this place. Pocipun tea complements this dish memorable. Monggo stop by!

Strains of the song that played Silk Scarves make the atmosphere more felt Waroeng Liwetan cool. The diner is dominated by all-wood interior, both plain and ornate. Yes, it is furniture that is also sold here. So after feeling comfortable and fit with a chair or table can be directly purchased. The price was tacked on every furniture and wall hangings.

Liwetan name was actually captivated me. Already 3 months did not eat more savory rice dish typical of Solo. Apparently on the menu there are a variety of other Javanese rice concoction. Bogana rice, rice opor, Balinese rice, liwet rice, steamed rice, and rice lodeh. Also, other side dishes like fried chicken besengek, pecel catfish, tofu and tempeh bacem plus fierce tamarind chicken.

Besides chicken rice liwet (IDR 17000.00), I also ordered a chicken fried rice plus lodeh besengek spicy (U.S. $ 32000.00). As a complement, tempeh and ferocious sour chicken bacem be an option. Lodeh indeed one type of vegetable an attractive Javanese style home. Broth of coconut milk diluted with a simple seasoning.

Actually there are several versions lodeh. There are a seasoned slices. Red peppers, green peppers, onion, garlic, and galangal kencur, all sliced ​​thin and watery boiled with coconut milk. There are also versions with spices crushed so that the color is slightly reddish.

Rice presented lodeh Java, a version with spices sliced ​​thin gravy. There was a little puddle of oil because the flavor pan with little oil. Kencur and onion scent wafted directly from the vapor. Pieces of squash, eggplant, green beans and red peppers and green to lodeh this field.

This dish features chicken fried rice and spicy besengek. Chicken is chicken quarter besengek tail flavored thick coconut milk. It was tasty, tender with a soft texture of chicken meat. Sliced ​​red chili sauce and onions are sauteed fresh gives a nice spicy accents. Because the rice fluffier then savory mouthful of rice, chicken plus vegetables lodeh so more quickly into the mouth.

Savory Rice who served in the concoction was tasty rice fluffier liwet and fragrant. Accompanied by side dishes of seasoned shredded chicken meat opor, sambal fried squash and coconut milk steamed egg mixture. Complementary stir sliced ​​red chili sauce, plus a boiled egg.

Savory spices and pervasive Java makes this cuisine so delicious. Tempe bacem that my message to laukpun not too sweet. Gurih with a thin sweet tinge. This savory blend of sweet rice characterizes liwet.

Savory and spicy flavors in mulutpun I rinse with a cup of tea pot nasgitel (U.S. $ 17000.00). Typical Java brewed tea brewed in a clay pot. Enjoyed with a cup of sugar plus clay stone. The more complete Java course this dish. Moreover keroncong music playing endlessly. Hmm … sedep tenan!

Oh, yes if you want to taste the cool, cool drinking water that is stored in a jar, can be directly poured from a clay pitcher available on the table. So more and more attached Jawapun village atmosphere. If you want to take home the pot of tea can also be as available for sale.


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