Anget And Sueger Molten Chocolate Meat

Anget and Sueger Molten Chocolate Meat

Jakarta – Always foods that make home cooking tertuntaskan hunger. As asaem-sour concoction of fresh meat here. Sliced ​​meat feels soft coated low fat savory. Interspersed with chunks of fresh sour sauce beans. Inhaled when accompanied by a cup of steaming tea pot. Sweet!

After a drunken party with all the food at the end of the year, it’s the most delicious homemade meal. Simple but comfort! That is the greatness of home cooking. Therefore I was immediately interested when I saw the restaurant Warung Anglo located in a house in BSD.

It was not only the location in a house but a typical home-based Java menu offered by this restaurant. Menu is a fairly complete list was given two signs, signs for vegetarian food and leaves a red stamp for the menu chef recommendation.

If you miss rames Javanese rice, no rice langgi, liwet rice, rice is served complete with lead-pauknya dishes. From the kitchen of Solo, there strait solo, timlo tamarind-sour beef, tofu eggs, and others. Drinks Javanese, wedang round, wedang ginger and the pot or tea tubrukpun available.

Cool breezy air due to rain prompted me to choose tamarind-sour beef (20,000, 00), and tofu egg as follows dinner tea pot. Java keroncong accompany the emergence of a tea pot and cups presented in a clay pot (Rp.8.000, 00). Pieces of rock candy cups filled clay and the water is brown pekatpun spread tea scent. Really delicious!

Javanese concentrated black tea which was fused with rock sugar lumeran. Slruup … sepet warm fragrance. Wasgitel, fragrant heat kentel legi! Suitable as a repellent with cold and warm throat before eating.

Molten berkuah tamarind brown meat is served steaming hot. Pieces of beans, star fruit and vegetable fried tofu into penyemarak stuffing fresh sour soup that is. Only this time I found the tamarind-sour with fried tofu. Sliced ​​meat soft and tender because lemusirnya thinly sliced.

Tamarind sauce taste fresh eye make literate, let alone when bitten chunks of red peppers big ones. Because of fried tofu and bean inserted later it is still crisp and fresh. More steady enjoyed with warm rice.

Know eggs (12,000, 00) was served warm topped with bean sprouts, sliced ​​cucumber and sliced ​​onion leaves rough. Soy sauce with peanuts diuleg rough. Fragrant and tasty eggs directly invade the nose knows.

This simple food has always been interesting. Know white thinly sliced ​​fried egg with a bandage until fragrant lacy kering.Gurih. Once submerged in peanut sauce taste so sweet spicy. Fresh crisp bean sprouts taste savory soft accompaniment to know. Aha .. simple taste the typical food home.

Even this delicious dinner perfectly rinsed with tea brewed sweet things sepet. A dinner fit for a steady and crush miss. Those who live around the BSD could be an option at no time to cook for themselves. Taste the delicious simple home is here!

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