Reconciliation Prices Off

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Reconciliation Prices Off

The duality of the national football competition had reached the ears of FIFA. Ends, on December 21 and the highest body in charge of football’s world wrote to PSSI. Its contents, FIFA confirmed that Indonesia Super League (LSI) is illegal because it is not a competition held by the PSSI as the official national association that is recognized by FIFA. In addition, FIFA also said the players that play in LSI should not be capped.

Letter from FIFA is actually not a surprise anymore. The same thing they did when there was competition in the era of the last two Nurdin Halid leads the PSSI PSSI recognized by the LSI, and the Premier League Indonesia (LPI) is touted entirely funded businessman Arifin Panigoro. At that FIFA confirmed LPI is illegal and players who join there should not be entered into the national team.

In the present case, FIFA ordered the PSSI again embrace the clubs that play in the LSI to rejoin the LPI are officially recognized PSSI. FIFA suggest two weeks is enough time for the PSSI to persuade the clubs back to LPI LSI. When the matter dualism of this competition is not finished until March 20, 2012, then FIFA would impose sanctions on PSSI.

Move quickly
PSSI had to move quickly respond to a letter filed by FIFA. Time remaining nearly three months ahead of time is not long to go back menunggalkan overdo competition has been split into two. Moreover, the national football rally on Sunday (18/12) and was initiated by the provincial board of PSSI, has issued a decision convening extraordinary congress (KLB) no later than March 2012.

If until the deadline given by FIFA can not be kept by the PSSI, then it is not possible directly FIFA sanctions. However, it could also eventually established the Fifa likely to end the chaotic Normalization in the body PSSI. It has also been done as an attempt to stage the FIFA congress that aims to replace Nurdin Halid from PSSI chairman chair endless.

We certainly do not expect anything like that happen again. Like the saying goes, “do not fall in the same hole”. Do not let this become a bad habit in the management of the national soccer scene. It is not possible, outbreaks will be avenged with the outbreak, and so on that happening.

This is where it takes the soul of every human being who take part in national football. Must continue to put forward a clear mind in dealing with any sharp pebbles that face forward. No one is perfect. Slightest mistake there. However, that does not mean those mistakes can not be repaired. Communication and remind each other are a solution. Do a little play threat, law, playing snarled, playing ask any outbreaks. Do not!

It is unfortunate indeed, in the face of this competition dualism issue Djohar Arifin Husin as supreme leader in the PSSI main sanction. PSSI has issued a decision on sanctions for clubs that choose to join the LSI (See Box: Sanctions For clubs that play in LPI). This decision adds even worse atmosphere that is “not good” between PSSI and the club who defected to the LSI. The process of reunification of the competition even further away.

Against a player whose club joined the LSI, Djohar also too soon to say they can not appear to defend the national team. PSSI should just find a way out, any way, so that players do not become victims. They just swept away. As a professional player who already binding contract, of course the players have to follow the club where they play. There’s no way the players refused. Even if have to get out of the club who choose to play in the LSI, the player must have to spend a lot of money as the party reneged on a contract basis.

Step Pengprov officials PSSI (FPP), which held a rally national football also in a hurry. Requests should be held outbreak can be detained until further reconciliation process. The violations are deemed to have done Djohar and other board members must still be clarified.

During this FPP Congress held in Bali in 2011 regarding the validity of the highest caste organization of competition on the LSI and PT Liga Indonesia (LI). If it is, invite PSSI board talk. Show them the item is produced in Bali Congress.

Competition format would still be discussed again. We agree that the right to compete at the highest level is the clubs who have rights because they are already struggling from below. There should be no wild card for the clubs who will compete at the highest level of whatever it is, LSI or LPI. Matter of who is entitled to the organization of the competition whether PT LI or PT LPIS, also on who the holder of TV rights, can be brought into the realm of law. Let the courts decide, bound and binding.

Fixed price
Sanctions from FIFA is in sight when the dualism of the competition can not be solved by the PSSI with clubs who competed in the LSI. But, not FIFA that should be a concern only the two warring camps. Even more important is to save the national football. Which might expect towering achievement when managers are constantly feuding. When thinking about the course of coaching and turning the wheel keompetisi good and regular.

Do not let the people themselves who finally repeal the mandate that are mandated to the parties to the conflict. Society does not own shares of the clubs that stand. But, in truth it is they who “live” club. Without their support and attendance to the stadium, the club does not mean anything. What’s the fun to play without an audience in front of the eye. Like vegetables without salt. It is they who “invites” the sponsors and the flow of money through the match tickets.

When the FPP declare an outbreak is set in stone, then change it’s slogan to “reconciliation, set in stone”. Yes, rekonsiliasilah which now needs put forward by the PSSI and FPP. Each must find common ground that could save the national football. Believe that nothing that can not be solved in this world. Provided that our hearts are clean and clear mind, the issues that can convolute solutions.

We welcome the steps that have been and are being carried out by the PSSI related to the reconciliation efforts of both camps. At a press conference at the office of PSSI, Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (23/12), Djohar said it Mulau Saturday (24/12) and no later than Monday (26/12) sent a letter to the representatives of PSSI in the area, the participant clubs LSI, and game devices. This letter is an invitation to return to “home” PSSI as suggested in a letter posted FIFA. “We hope we all return to our homes. We get up and fix our football Indonesia, “said Djohar.

Appreciation should be given to Djohar and ranks. Reconciliation seems to have opened the door wide open by them. There’s even a signal PSSI can lift sanctions that had been given to the club who defected to the LSI without having to break the rules. Competition format can still be discussed as well as what the best solution. Similarly to the national players who are in LSI do not become victims.

Now we just wait for parties and clubs Pengprov merspons solicitation reconciliation that has been opened by Djohar. Forgive and forget past mistakes. Both sides should be able to trust each other for the progress of national football. Although it must be reorganized to start from scratch again. Forgive each other and trust is the key. Take your clothes groups and parties. Stepped forward together without any lies between us. -End of the text-

Decision Komdis PSSI trial results on Friday (9 / 12):

* Penalties for Arsenal with PT Persib Bandung affected Dignity Article 57 paragraph 1 and 2 related junto a match is not present in article 32 and article 23

– Disqualification from competition LPI 2011-2012.
– Degradation of the First Division season 2012-2013.
– Taking all the contributions that have been submitted by PT LPIS which was valued at Rp 250 million.
– A fine of Rp 1 billion.
– A ban on the transfer of activities 2011-12 season.

* Mitra Kukar, Persisam Samarinda, Persela Lamongan, Persiba Balikpapan, PSPS Pekanbaru, Deltras Sidoarjo, Pelita Jaya Falkirk hit by Article 57 paragraph 1 and 2 junto 32 and 23

– Disqualification from competition LPI 2011-2012.
– Degradation of the First Division season 2012-2013.
– A fine of Rp 500 million.
– A ban on the transfer of activities 2011-12 season.

* Sanctions Harbiansyah and Syahril Taher who are Article 57 paragraphs 1 and 4
– Prohibition on the move in football activities within the PSSI for 3 years and a fine of Rp 150 million.


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